Thursday, December 29, 2005

Walking in His Santa Baby Suit

We found this cute little suit at HEB. Usually he wears it with other clothing, but Ruth put it on him in just his underwear and it looked so adorable we had to film it. Sorry about all the shaking, I'm still learning how to use the camera :).

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ian's First Christmas, My First Video Attempt

We got a camcorder for Christmas this year. Here's an attempt at displaying the video.

I anticipate posting a lot of videos, so in order to keep the page loading fast, I've put the video on the next page. Click on the image above to get to it. From now on, whenever you see the camcorder icon as above, there'll be a video attached.

If you want, you can also download a high-quality version here (22.7 MB).

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Doctor's Update

Well, Ian had a doctor's appointment today, his two-month check-up. The doctor called him "lean and long" (though I prefer "lean and mean"). He's 23.5" and 10lbs, 10oz. That's the 75th percentile in length and 25th weight :). He fits the standard Yorke profile. I honestly don't know what he's doing with it, but he doesn't seem to stop eating. Well, we're proud of the little guy.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Blessing and Thanksgiving Photos

Here's some more pictures. The first few are from the morning of his blessing. Afterwards are pictures from his first trip... to Northern Virginia for Thanksgiving with BooBoo (my mom) and Buka (my dad). A special thanks to BooBoo for all the pictures she took for us. Click on the picture here to see a slide show of the photos.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ian's Debut

We had a great party tonight with quite a nice turn-out. As usual, click on the photo above to see more.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fatherhood- past and present

I have the most incredible husband in the whole wide world. He is truly an amazing husband and father. He handles his new role like he handles everything else in life- with an incredible amount of love, dedication, and support. He has always been like this. I am his first priority. He has always supportive- from the first day we were married. He is the kind of guy who refills your glass before you even knew it was empty. He always anticipates my needs. When I was pregnant, he knew what Iwas craving and kept the house stocked with it before I knew I noticed that I was craving it.

As a father, he is no different. My last day at the hospital, the doctor asked me about the color of Ian's poop. I had no idea. I had only changed like two at that point. Dave had been taking care of them because it was really hard for me to sit up. Now that Ian is at home, he holds Ian and changes diapers at least as much as me. He is constantly looking out for my welfare as well as Ian's needs. He adores our little boy and takes good care of him. He looses lots of sleep- just like I do.

Dave has quite a full plate... the guy works full time, goes to school full-time, is Elders quorum president, and now is a new Father. It stands to reason that he might have a hard time juggling all of these things sometimes. Work stays- he has to keep his job, School is crutial (He's a computer programmer. The only job security any programmer has is to cross train in another field. He's working towards his masters in accounting.), Family is most important to him. It stands to reason that church responsibilities would fall through at a major transition period like this.

The men at church are clueless however.... You know the one's who were perfectly acceptable in their time, but would be considered to be deadbeats by today's standards. (95% of men over 40). They make statements to Dave such proudly proclaiming that they never changed a diaper because, "I didn't know anything about babies so I let her do it" or "How is APRIL adjusting to everything?" (If they ever did anything they would recognize the difficulty for both of us.) and "I just slept through the baby crying because I didn't know what to do anyway." All they had to do was bring home the bacon and arrive back home at the end of the day to be considered competent.

Fatherhood requires much more out of this generation of fathers. I think these guys deserve credit. Becoming a new father is HUGE- when you actually participate in your child's life. My point is- I am SO grateful that Dave chooses to be an involved husband and father. He is an incredible support to me. I really don't know how I would handle life without the kind of support he offers. He can't imagine being any other way- the likes being involved- and I love him for all that he does and is. I do wish others would resognize and offer him the support he needs/ deserves as a father in this generation.


I think there's probably no time in a person's life when they need parents than when they become one. My mom came for 10 days after Ian was born. She truly saved my life- on a milliion levels. First, I was in serious need of recovery. I pretty much just slept and fed Ian fed Ian for the first two weeks. I slept 7-8 hours during the day. My mom andDave took care of Ian and woke me up when he needed to eat. I desperately needed the rest.

She took care of me so that I could take care of Ian. She made sure I ate and slept. Thank goodness. I think exhaustion and pain are the primary causes of depression. She helped me take care of myself to keep these under wraps.

Also- she was there to teach us what we needed to survive. The first nght Ian was home, Dave stayed up with him the first half of the night and I stayed up the second half. The next night my mom slept with him on the couch until like 4:30 am. I was so relieved. She basically figured out what he needed in order to sleep and passed on the tips. The next night she got him to sleep and the swaddled him in for the night- he slept again and I was able to get him back to sleep after he woke up to sleep. I have been grateful for that woman a million times, but never so much as then! She understood the importance of swaddling when helping an infant sleep. I had read about swaddling, but wasn't going to understand on my own.

That was one of a million things that she modeled for us that we just weren't going to get on our own. There are a million questions... is this normal? Is this going to change or stay the same? etc.

And support. We don't know how to be parents. My mom and dad (my dad came for about 5 days) were an incredible source of support. We just needed to know that we were doing ok. My dad especially always expresses his pride in us- in our lives, who we are, and what we have accomplished. Sometimes you just need to know that you are doing ok. His vote of confidence brings strength to my soul.

The torpedo fairy

Ok. So I'm home one, maybe two days from the hospital (It's all really a blur.) when I woke up in the morning with my first of several visits from the torpedo fairy. Suddenly my chest was composed of two, hard-as-rock torpedos. This was fine the first day, but by the second day they were insistent on unloading cargo at will. Ian was now 4 or 5 days old- still just figuring out this feeding thing. He didn't quite understand how all of this works. You see, he seemed to feel that each torpedo was a long lost trusted friend. When it was time to eat, he would stare at his old friend, pat it, and smile- aparently thankful to have such a good friend. The only problem with this was at the same time, the torpedo was insistent on unloading. The result was a huge mess!!! He also had problems deciding which of these two friends he wanted and would spend a good 5-10 minuites switching between each before the moon and the stars aligned correctly and he decided to eat. In the meantime, I was drenched.

To compound this problem. No one had told me how desperately I would need a nursing bra. I was soaked! It was quite embarrasing. I had nursing pads, but had NO IDEA that a nursing bra and nursing pads would become a constant part of my day and night wardrobe- and that even with them, I would get used to waking up drenched. (This must be what guys feel like when they first get nocturnal emissions, "What the heck?" Only this wasn't so enjoyable. ) I had these thin pads at first. They did not work. Nursing pads with plastic backing to protect your clothes are essential. Must be changed a good 4-5 times a day.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

He's here! He's here!

Ok. I have been quite anti-social the past few days. I'm feeling a bit better so I thought I should write some.

First, Isn't he beautiful!!! He really is just a sweetie. If you go to look at the pictures- you should know- the first set are typical birth pictures- complete with blood and guts. If you don't have a strong stomach- skip to the second set.

Anyway- I feel I should write about Ian's birth and everything- so here we go.

Ok. So the night before Ian was born, we stayed up and cleaned. My friend good Janine came over and helped. Thank goodness- she is an angel. Not that things were pitiful before, but I was just not going to feel prepared until everything was in order. I went to bed and slept about the same as usual. Dave stayed up 'til midnight and then attempted to sleep until wakeup time- failing miserably.

We were scheduled for the C-section at 7:45 so we had to be there at 5:45. The hospital was 45 min from the house, so we were up at 4 am and gone at 5 am. Bright and early. We got up and dressed, Dave gave me a blessing, and we went to the hospital.

When we got there, the nurse who was assigned us met us and took us back to the room. I don't remember her name, but she was really quite nice. We took some pictures (she encouraged us to get a belly shot) and then I got changed. I was trying hard to calmly deal with the prospects at hand. I had never been in the hospital before and the prospect of being sliced open was incredibly scarey. I accepted all that was happening by simply staying as realistic as possible. Realizing that there was no easy way out of the situation and that to be honest- there was going to be a knife involved- either an episiotomy (If I had chosen to go natural) after labor and lots of other trauma or a C-section. Either option wasn't exactly pleasant. I was just going to have to deal with this.

Well, all of that realism worked until she put in the IV. OUCH!!!! Those IVs hurt!!! No one ever told me that IVs hurt. She put it in about 1.5 hours before the surgery. This was BY FAR the worst part of the process. After that, I just sat there- In pain-with anxiety mounting. IF this was just the IV, what was I really in for... I didn't know. AHHHHH! You know with fear- it's always "fight or flight". Well, the problem is... there was no "flight" option. That baby was going to have to come out- one way or the other. I was just going to have to face my fears. I was terrified!

Of course, had I known that that would be the worst part, I would have been fine. The epidural was the next step. It was nothing. They gave me some anti-anxiety meds with it... good choice. After that I was just fine. I went straight to sleep. I woke up for the nurse to ask if I had felt the catheder go in.... Nope. (One more thing I was dreading resolved.) Then Dave came in all dressed in scrubs. He looked so cute. He held my hand. I think I went back to sleep. I remember Dr. Ramos saying, "Well, get the camera ready." And then a baby scream. The perfect baby scream- a loud, clear, healthy scream. (The Speech Pathologist in me, of course, had to evaluate this early sign of healthiness/ lack thereof.) I was a proud mommy. I think Dave went to help the nurse clean him up while they stiched me up- not that I had a clue- I was back in la-la land. I wasn't feeling a thing. Next I knew, they put little Ian in my arms. He was all wrapped up in a blanket with this cute little t-shirt and a hat on his head. He was beautiful! I just stared at him. What a beautiful little baby. What a nice, healthy scream!!! Way to go little boy. I just couldn't believe he came out of me.

They took Ian to the nursery. I went to the recovery room and back to sleep- feelin' no pain. (At least 'till day 2 when the epidural starting running out and I didn't know that I should have been asking for a pain shot.) I slept on and off for the next several hours in the recovery room. Dave walked back and forth between me and the nursery. He said he just stared at Ian for hours between checking on me. Just couldn't help but stare. I was happy to sleep. Ian was healthy and being taken care of. He sure had a nice, clear scream.

Dave found an internet connection in the hospital and put up that first set of pictures by 10 am, beside me in the recovery holding area. Couldn't be happier. What a cute little boy!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

More Photos

Here's more Ian! Once again, click on the picture above. He is now all cleaned up and looks a lot more lively.

Home at Last

Well, we made it home today. April was ready to leave. As soon as she got here, she went to straight to bed. Ian also took his first nap in his Pack-N-Pray. He seemed to be comfortable there.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Here he is!

7lbs 3.8oz 20.5"

Click on the image above for more photos.

Friday, September 30, 2005

5.5 more days

This is crazy! We literally only have 5 and a half more days. It doesn't seem real at all. I realize that I am huge and incredibly uncomfortable. I realize that there is definitely something acrobatic in my belly that moves around inside of , but completely independent of me. I have seen several ultrasonic and heard his heartbeat at least 15 times, but when it all adds up.... well, it still doesn't seem like this could possibly be accurate. I have always marveled when I saw a new baby- how that child could possibly have been in my friend's belly just a few days before. I guess I somehow thought that when it was me, it would make sense--- wrong. It really doesn't. I guess there are some things that are just complete and total marvels- even when you are the key player in the process. Ian has been consuming my resources for 9 months now, but even with the substantial and very real drain of my physical resources so obvious- the idea that another human being is inside is bewildering. And to think that we first saw him at 4mm and now he is 7 or so pounds is amazing. That's quite a lot to grow.

Dave and I are both so excited we can't think straight. Ian has consumed our every thought for since February. We wonder what he will look like, what his personality will be like, and in what ways our life will change. It really is another veil experience--- I have NO IDEA what my life will be like in one week! None at all! But yet, I am thrilled!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back Home

We are back home, safe, and sound. We left our home a week ago with the relatively reasonable assumption that pretty much nothing would be there when we got back. We took our work clothes, our toiletries, my hospital bag, medical/ insurance info, and Dave's school books. Everything else we had to assume wouldn't be in existance when we returned.... A category 5 hurricane gaining strength was headed straight for our house.

Well, we are grateful. Our home is completely intact. We lost some tree limbs and a tile or two on the roof. Everything else is perfect. We were completely spoiled rotten by our friends as well as my Aunt while we were gone and even came back with a stash of stuff for our little boy (clothes, toys, breast pump, crib mattress).

Sometimes it's not until something like this happens that you realize just how many people care about you. I think we had 5 separate invitations for places to go... all from people who mean quite a lot to us. We really appreciate it!!!! THANK YOU!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Update

WE are now in Austin, TX with my mom's sister (Aunt Diane). College Station was out of the path of Rita enough to keep us safe probably, but the likelihood of no electricity was much more likely there. I am quite sensitive to the heat these days and felt like I should obey the urgings from my mom to head further inland. My mom is QUITE relieved now that we are here. She was really looking out for us. Aunt DiDi (pronounced Dye, Dye) is a nurse here- so she arranged an excellent doctor for me- should I need one. Anyway- we are here and spoiled beyond all belief! I am so grateful that people care so much about us. That's all. Just wanted to update you guys.

Oh- Aunt DiDi has internet access, but we will actually be staying and her daughter Kimberly's house about 10 min away. Diane has internet access, but Kimberly does not. We will try to get over here about once a day to check e-mail and such.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita

In case you have processed that there is a hurricane headed directly towards where we live. (I'm generally oblivious to these things- so I'm assuming lots of other people are)- I thought I'd fill you in on where we are , our plans, etc.

The hurricane is headed either towards Galveston (45 minutes from our house) or Freeport (1 hour from our house). I work in Galveston. Fortunately, my employer and the city of Galveston are being intelligent about this thing. My employer dismissed us for evacuation last night. The city of Galveston as well as Friendswood (that's where I live) are having mandatory evacuations today. Once mandatory evacuations occur- the roads are grid locked. Consequently, we left last evening. (They do have a good plan for keeping the traffic moving, but still. It's not worth risking it.)

We are currently in College Station (about 2-2.5 hours inland). We have some close friends here. We got here last night. We are comfortable and well taken care of. My technical due date isn't for another 3 weeks and one day (I am scheduled for October 6th, but not technically due till the 13th.) I'm not having any contractions or anything and we have a couple of contingency plans set up for a doctor. In other words, we are safe, comfortable, and fine.

Just thought there might be someone out there who has processed this whole hurricane thing and is worried about us. If you want more info you can e-mail: I can send the phone # for where we are staying.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Who's There?

Well, April wanted to know who's actually reading the blog. If you're out there, please send us an email to:

Include your phone number and address too, just in case we don't have it. When Ian finally gets here, we'll send you an announcement. Of course, comments are always welcome as well.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Official complaint

Up to this point in my life, I have seen pregnant women periodically who were 8-9 months pregnant. I always remember noting how uncomfortable they looked. I had heard that they didn't get much sleep, but somehow I had no idea what all of that really meant.

Let me define... the word "uncomfortable" actually means "in pain". Somehow all these years I had no idea. I honestly and truly have been in pain regularly/ almost constantly since the beginning of August. My "medieval torture device" (aka- rib cage expansion) has been a source of continual pain. Generally, in the mild range- just enough to grate on the nerves, but more and more frequently it is enough to leave me just really struggling to maintain personality. Hello! A person's ribs were not meant to move!- Much less expand more than 4 inches. It takes some serious crane action to make that happen. OUCH!!! Sleep is really my only escape.... YA RIGHT!!! I go to sleep to escape, however, then I'm up 5-7 times. You see, at night, my rib cage muscles and stomach muscles go to sleep- thank goodness- but my butt muscles take the strain. I wake up every hour because my butt muscles are dying and I must turn over. Translation- No escape.

Ok- so I make a special point to keep a good attitude about all of this. I'm ok with the pain and discomfort. I'm excited about our little boy and willing to deal with some pain in the process. It just comes with the territory. I make it through work and church with rarely a sign. I refuse to be a miserable, whiney pregnant woman. I deliberately choose to handle all of this gracefully. By evening all of my resources are gone- it takes energy to keep up a good attitude when you hurt like heck. I come home and crash on the couch. I'm just grateful to be married to Dave- who knows this is the best I have to offer. He is just incredibly supportive!

My point is not to whine--- but to file an official complaint---- Ok. I really, truly want to hit those people who say, "Get your sleep now- cause you won't be getting any for a long time." They can kiss mine!!! I realize that I have such a good attitude about all of this that they have not a clue that I might be in distress. But really- do they think they are being cute? (Just trying to get a jab in- since I'm so joyful.) Or do they think I'm just naive and don't realize that parents are up every few hours for quite a long time? (I'm not stupid!) Either way- I want to beat them for being so insensitive. Of course- I just smile and say something positive, but it really gets on my nerves. I want to say, "Listen darn it, I am in serious pain. I only WISH I could sleep! Kiss mine! Thank you for the friendly reminder that I not only can't get sleep now, but won't ever get sleep for the rest of my life. It is such helpful information!" UGGGH!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Passing through the veil

I think there are just a few experiences in life that are very much like passing through the veil--you really have no clue what life will be like on the other side--- you just plunge forward with faith. I have passed through at least 2 thus far (although I could probably add another one or two)... my mission and marriage. They are both experiences that you hear about your whole life and even dream about, but really and honestly cannot fathom what life is like on the other side. I remember before my mission. It was really all I could think about. I must have spent hundreds of hours thinking and preparing- mentally, spiritually, and physically. When it all came down to it- I was crossing into a life that was completely unlike any I have experienced before or since. One with a unique culture, thought process, opportunity for learning- with joys and pains that are different than anything else on earth. It was nothing like I had imagined, but yet it had a few similarities. (I'm speaking of the missionary experience, not Las Vegas- although Vegas is definitely unique.)

Getting married was another "crossing through the veil" experience. Only, I must admit, I was MUCH less prepared for this one. I remember clearly 2 days before getting married- staring ahead at a blank wall- I couldn't for the life of me fathom, or even imagine what life would be like 3 days ahead. Fortunately/ unfortunately, I had been in a singles ward my entire adult life and literally knew NO ONE who had "crossed over". I knew there was almost no aspect of my life that would stay the same- where I lived, my ward, my friends, everything I understood. But I had no idea what all the changes would mean. Anyone who knew me then knows I didn't go gracefully through the veil. I went kicking and screaming each step of the way. Had I only been able to glance at the other side- I'd have been leaping through- but that's just cause I know now what it's like to be married to Dave. The guy is amazing- I had no idea just how lucky I was.

For me, this is another veil-like experience. Only this one I feel alot more comfortable with. I have no idea what life will be like in three weeks, but I'm ok with that. I realize that I have no idea how to be a parent, but I'm ok with that too. I've had some good preparation along the way- and I don't need all the answers. But, my thoughts are completely monopolized. Physically, life is only reasonably busy at this time. But mentally and emotionally--- all booked up. We are fully loaded over here. I just slowly and deliberately prepare for Ian while trying to take care of myself physically. But other than that- I just want things to be quiet and still. Life is rushing forward at a loud and busy pace- I'm happy for my immediate environment to be calm.

I think some people just don't get it... I am having a baby in 3 weeks. I have three priorities in life: 1. Surviving my work day gracefully, 2. Preparing for/ dreaming about our little boy, and 3. Dave. (Definetly not in any specific order.) Other than that I just don't really care!!! Apparently, I am the Enrichment committee's project- they are always giving me a job just so I will come. I don't think they understand- I don't really care if I go or not. Honestly, my body is consuming almost all of my resources. I'm still working full time until Ian comes. I come home and crash. What bursts of energy I do have go to Dave and Ian preparation. Other than that, I feel no great need to be superwoman.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Baby Shower

The baby shower was great!!! I really appreciated just having people there and feeling their support. I'm always terrified of anything like that. I'm always scared that no one will come. But lots of people came and I felt really loved! My good friend Janine threw the shower for me. She is probably my closest friend in the ward. I'm quite an independent person- it's good for me to finally sit still long enough to develop close friendships. Some of Dave and my close friends came from up to 2.5 hours away. One friend who I have known since I was 13- Suzy Kolle Ellison. All in all, I just really felt loved.

People gave us lots of things... a Pack-N-Play, a baby swing, a box of size Newborn and Size 1 diapers, pacifiers, some little outfits- onesies, hats,etc , bibs, some baby blankets, hand imprint kit, calendar, and little odds and ends. (Forgive me if I left something off.) We just really appreciate it!!!!

I guess the main things we need to acquire now are bedding (mattress and sheets), and feeding stuff (bottles and such). We got a baby bath this weekend, some baby soap, and baby wipes. We went to IKEA this weekend and got some things to organize it all. (IKEA rocks!) I think we're both starting to feel a little more prepared. We've got our mental list of what to acquire over the next few weeks, but it's a reasonable one. Thank goodness.

I am just SO grateful!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Baby Shower Photos

As promised, here are the pictures from the baby shower. Just click on the photo above. Someone needs to explain to me why everyone is wearing clothes pins.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Medieval Torture Device and the Hopeless Romantic

First, the baby shower was wonderful!!! I really feel grateful! We took pictures, Dave is going to help me get them online within the next few days and then I will tell you all about it. As for now, I have some random thoughts to share.

Ok. It is common knowledge that a woman's belly grows outward and that her hips shift outward during pregnancy. However, no one ever informed me about the medieval torture device that I would be strapped into for most of my pregnancy.... namely my ribs. You see, my uterus has been hiding as high up under my ribs as possible for most of my pregnancy. I think it's shy. It is good friends with my heart, lungs, and stomach up there. Well, as you well know, your uterus just gets bigger and bigger during pregnancy. Now, fortunately, most of this growth has been in my abdominal cavity- where it has relatively clear access to space (as exhibited by my incredibly large belly- now 14 + inches larger than when we started) . However, since my uterus likes my lungs so much, it simply chooses that space to grow in. Of course what this means is... my uterus makes the space it needs by forcing out my rib cage. It's sorta like having a vice grip perpetually pulling apart your ribs. For a while, I just thought I was sorta making it up.... until I went to buy a new bra. My ribs went from being comfortable in a 36 inch bra to uncomfortable in a 40 inch. Ouch. I have sorta a bubble where my uterus pokes out between the space that it has created between my ribs. (Quite a sensitive little spot of skin- even the pressure of shower water is too great for it.) Too make this situation even more medieval, we have the 25 lb bowling ball pulling down on the ribs at the same time. Occasionally, Ian likes to help too- trying to get some extra head room. Poor guy- I'm sure he's getting cramped in there. Needless to say, Tylenol has become a necessity. I just think it's all pretty funny.

Anyway- Speaking of medieval.... Romantics. It's amazing what a hopeless romantic I have become. I have never been much of a day dreamer, but it's really amazing what several months of having a little one wiggling around in your stomach can do to your attention span. This little one is just perpetually on my mind. I must spend, cumulatively, a couple of hours a day dreaming just thinking about or wondering about the little boy... What will he look like?, What will he be like?, Will he be as active as Dave and I were as kids? (probably), and a million other questions. We just can't wait to see him and learn what he is like. Of course, I'm no dummy. I realize that life will change completely. But in what ways? Besides no sleep, etc. (Don't answer that question- it's rhetorical.) I always just wonder and fantasize.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Baby Shower

April's friend, Janine, is hosting a baby shower. Here's the invitation she made. She's been wonderful!

Monday, August 15, 2005

What we have & what we need-revised

People ask me what we need, but the problem is, I really truly don't know. As a first time mom, I really don't know what is necessary. I'm really shy about this kind of thing so I'm never much help. I thought I would put a list on here of what we have been given- maybe that will help. I also registered at Baby's -R- Us. I keep meaning to register at target too, but I haven't yet. Babies- R- US is kinda expensive. It might be good to look at the registry and then get stuff elsewhere.

Here's what I have: (Thanks to friends' donations.)

  • Baby crib (on loan from a friend), it needs a matress and of course sheets, etc.

  • A changing table (left over from the previous owners of our house), it needs a changing pad.

  • Baby clothes (two friends gave me some- from their babies). One gave me a lot of Birth to 6 month stuff. I JUST REALIZED THAT THEY ARE ALL SHORT SLEAVED, of course Ian will be born in October - so up to 6 months is October until April- when it's cold. (Or moderately- so we will need to acquire long sleeve clothes as well.) Another friend gave me some 6 months- 18 months stuff, but this will probably definetly need to be supplemented when the time comes. (I think alot of these are the wrong season also.)

  • A boppy/ nursing pillow.

  • A snugli

  • A glider/ rocking chair (Dave gave me.)

  • A Johnny Jump-up thingy.

  • Baby monitor

  • Baby carrier/ stroller/ car seat combo (Someone donated their used one.)
I guess we need bathing tub and stuff, crib matress, crib sheets ( I registered for a set at Babies-R- us, but the name on the registry list is obscure- it says Carters 3 piece set), changing pad for table, diapers, wipes, bottles, diaper champ (would be nice), spit up cloths, toys, towels, recieving blankets, bibs, baby swing (would be nice), etc. Like I said, I really don't know, I'm just taking a guess. I will be breast feeding- most likely- FYI. Ian's room is all naturey, so greens and blues with frogs or something. I think people are pitching in for a Pack-n- Play at the baby shower.

Anyway- I hope this helps. I'm sorry I'm such as squirmy little rat when people ask me directly, I'm just shy about stuff like that.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Bipolar America and the Preggy body

I find it facinating the cognitive-emotional conflict that our culture places on American pregnant women.
I've come to understand that people love to see a healthy pregnant woman. Indeed, everyone is completely fascinated by a pregnant body. I know this because the number of unsolicited comments about my body has gone from approximately one every two weeks (We're not counting Dave in these Statistics) to approximately 10 per day. My friends who are equally pregnant tell me they have the same/ similar experience. I've grown completely used to people looking at me, looking down at my belly, and then looking back at me. It's like I have Dolly Parton size appendiges, only a located to the south. And people can't help but stare. The bigger the bowling ball grows, the more fascinated people are. It's fortunate that I am not self-conscious of my body, as a general rule, (There are those 5-10% of days when I am incredibly self-conscious.) because many of the same comments to a non-pregnant woman/ or a self-conscious pregnant woman would yield a swift slap in the face and/or weeks of depression.... "Wow, you're getting big." "Getting out there aren't you." "When are you due?" "You look like you are about to pop."

I can see why alot of pregant women just can't deal with all the comments and maintain self-esteem. You see, me, I don't take it as, "YOU are getting big" (which would imply that my butt, boobs, thighs, etc are getting big- even though they have gained a bit- appropriately so), but as that little boy is getting big. (MOST of the time anyway.) You see if it's the boy who's getting big, then Well... Ya he is, and I'm proud of him... not bad for starting out at 4mm (that's how big he was in our first ultrasound.) He's growing big just like he should and I'm happy.

But, you see, American culture values thinness, I would say even from a pregnant woman- they are a little bipolar about this. It leaves pregant women cognitively and emotionally struggling. They want to stay thin- and of course are terrified of not loosing every pound after this whole adventure, but cognitively realize that the baby has to grow and your body has to grow to support this whole process. Since most women have a great deal of their self-worth wrapped up in their appearance, it puts women in an emotionally tough situation. They want the baby to grow, but don't want to gain a pound to do it. I just think it's funny to think about and experience.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Preggy Body

It's like I have two completely different bodies attached to one another... there's the top part of my body... head, shoulders, arms, etc. Feels pretty much the same as always. Then there's my bottom part... belly (now thirteen inches bigger than when it started- made of steel I believe), legs, etc. A Ton of Bricks. So I'm laying in bed at night on one side, feel the need to turn over--- "no problem"---- that's my brain speaking- you see it's attached to the top half and is generally unaware of the new dynamics of the lower region. So I turn over---- uhhhh- NO! The top part of me turns over. The lower ton of bricks, however, ain't gonna move without some serious intervention. I find myself laughing almost every time I need to turn over. My brain and arms are never suspecting that they might be attached to a huge, immovable weight- even after all this time- they still move expecting the rest to glide on over. I find the whole process to be quite humerous.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Pictures of the Preggy Girl

Soon enough I do a little preggy fashion show. As for now, it's just me in my saggy-bottom capris. My belly does a great job of making them fall down all the time. Last I measured it was a full 12 inches bigger than when I started- that was two weeks ago. I'm sure it's bigger by now.


Me - With Fuzzy Eyes

Pictures of Ian's Room

My mom was asking me today what Ian's room is decorated like. Well. It's kinda funny. When we bought our house a bit over a year ago- one room had murals of nature scenes on the wall. As is consistent with my personality... I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me. Everything has to grow on me. Anyway- It's quite cute. I'm quite a nature girl so it feels like home.

Bird Houses



Flower Corner



Friday, July 22, 2005

Photos of a Tired Wife

Well, there have been repeated requests to post photos of the preggy woman. I've made several attempts. Unfortunately, she seems to find clothing exceptionally uncomfortable at the moment.

Generally speaking, it take less than 3 seconds from her arrival at home for the woman to strip to her unmentionables. This doesn't leave me much time to produce a photograph that most state legislatures wouldn't consider obscene.

I have, on numerous occasions, suggested that it would be unnecessary to fulfill such a ridiculous requirement. April, on the other hand strongly disagrees. I tried drawing a picture for the record, but as it turns out, I can't draw.

Oh well. Hopefully one of these days I'll get her to sit still long enough for the photo.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ian's Face

Well, we had another ultrasound. In this one, you can clearly see his facial features.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

All is calm. All is bright.

I guess that's how I feel. My life is probably just as busy as ever, but I just feel calm about everything. It's funny. By nature, I am typically quite an anxious person. I guess being sick for so long was good for me. Suddenly I didn't have energy to care about stuff that I normally would have worried/ cared about. Now that I'm just so grateful to be feeling better that nothing else matters. I'm starting to get on the marginally uncomfortable side- breathing, etc, etc, but I don't really care- I feel SO much better than I did for so long. I'm just grateful! Sleep- I have rarely slept well in months. But once again, it really doesn't matter. I just think it's my body learning to function productively with less sleep. Obviously, something that will be necessary in the months ahead. All-in-all, I just feel at peace. It's really nice.

My waistline is now officially 12 inches bigger than it was when I started. I look in the mirror every day and gawk at how big our little boy must be.... quite a difference from 4 millimeters. Quite proud of the boy. Way to go little guy. I have grown out of some of my early maternity clothes- the ones I thought were SOOOO huge. Life is funny. I know, I'm sorry. I keep meaning to get pictures on here. I'll have to make Dave do that soon.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

maximum distractibility

So our little boy has phenomenal timing. You see, he waits until I am involved in a boring meeting or attempting to concentrate to write a report, THEN he decides to do the most phenominal gymnastics. It keeps things interesting.

Speaking of distractibility.... Dude, my belly button. Ok, so a person's belly button is normally closed. Or at least mine is... well, goodness gracious, my belly button is now completely open in a big circle. Crazier than that, the crater it forms is getting less and less deep daily. I'm starting to feel a bit big. I think it has to do with the fact that my belly has now begun rounding out above my rib cage. I didn't know that was possible.

Anyway- that's all. Life is relatively calm right now. Busy, but reasonable. It's nice. We should get another sonogram next month at our 28 week check up. Halaleujah! I think I just need visual feedback.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

New---- New Orleans, New Job, New Wiggles

Ok. It's been a busy couple of weeks. Good busy though. I finished one job, we went to New Orleans for 3 days, came back and started my new job one day later. I am now working for a Brain Injury Rehabilitation in Galveston. It's an amazing place that provides wide variety of quality services. AND, it's incredibly laid back. Good match for me. I am really enjoying it! (FYI- I will work full time until the baby is born and then part time after that.)

Anyway, We went to New Orleans for Memorial Day. We had a blast! We stayed at this bed and breakfast- 1896 O'Malley House. Very nice. Quite comfortable. We saw the French Quarter, the Garden District, and went on a Dinner Cruise on a Steam Boat. We had a good time. Me, well, I was just getting over some flu and a school year and I think Ian was growing a lot that weekend. Between it all, I sat down anywhere I could and fell asleep on a park bench twice. You can see our pictures if you click on the link.

Dave is an angel, so rather than drag me faster than was physically possible, he compensated for my slowness by going wild with the camera. Consequently, we have tons of great pictures of New Orleans, lots of them with me in them, and only a few with him. I was having a serious wardrobe crisis that weekend as you will notice. I finally went shopping the one day I was home before my new job started. (I'm not a shopper, but having zero clothes that fit isn't a good idea when starting a new job.)

Anyway- our little boy is moving around like mad. Mostly at certain times of day. I can't say he's kicking or anything. I think it's more like an astronaut in outer space bouncing off the inside of the vessel as he makes his way from one region to another. Kinda feels like my uterus is a bouncy trampoline he gently rebounds off of with whatever region of his body happens to be close.

Someone asked me if I am getting impatient to be done with pregnancy. I'm really not. I'm anxious to meet our little one. But as far as the pregnancy itself.... I'm still reveling in the fact that I can actually consume food. It's still quite a new thing for me. I'm so grateful to be able to eat and feel like a human being that I don't have time to feel impatient yet. Although I'm sure that will come... it's nature's way of causing a woman to be willing to go through anything to get the baby out.

Anyway- that's all for now.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Someone mentioned the desire to see pictures of April. We are currently vacationing in New Orleans and took this shot today. Her belly is definitely protruding. But then again, so is mine.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


We searched and searched for our missing pictures. As it turns out, we'd left them on the doctor's desk. We had another appointment with him this morning where we were able to retrieve them. Here are three of our favorites.


Here is a great image of his whole face. You can even see his ear!


Yes, it looks like he's breaking his back, but rest assured it's just the angle of the image.


They swear to me this is a picture of a boy, but I remain unconvinced. Frankly it sounds made up.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Another one bites the dust

I have now created a new section of my closet for clothes that no longer fit. Those clothes must be having quite a party over there. The section seems to be gaining new reecruits almost every day, sometimes 3 items in a single day. At first it was just pants. The shocker came last week, when suddenly, I had to try on three different shirts before one fit. Now, each time I walk in my closet, I find myself singing the tune, "Another one bites the dust." I think it's kinda funny. That little boy sure is growing.

What's up with the hands?

My goodness. Apparently, I am starting to show enough that some people who know me, but aren't close can tell. Suddenly all these people have their hands on me. WIERD!!! It's not that I mind so much people touching me. I'm sorta a touchy- feely girl myself. It's people I only casually know suddenly reaching out to touch my abdomen with NO prior warning- kinda freaky. (It's not like it's by back or something.) If you are going to be touching semi-private regions of my body, ya really gotta give me a heads up.

One person came up and asked me if she could touch my belly with her hands down by her side. I consented and THEN she reached out to touch my belly. I am MUCH more comfortable with this arrangement. I appreciated the fact that she realized that it was MY body. I deserve the right to make the call on who's hands are on me and when.

ALSO- about that name "Killer". Just don't think it's gonna fly. Sorry Tim. I think it's funny, HOWEVER, I'd prefer it not to stick. I have NO desire to aspouse that characteristic to our son, even as a joke.

Just an FYI-
I am changing jobs next week. This school year ends Saturday. On Wed, I will be going to work for a brain injury rehab in Galveston next week. I am excited!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Ian Harvey may be his official name, but I think Tim won the nickname contest. I like Killer.

his name

If the contest went a little too fast to keep up with...
Our little boy's name will be Ian Harvey. The Ian cause we like it, the Harvey after Dave's grandpa.

We're so excited we can't think straight.

Monday, May 16, 2005

And The Winner Is...

Yeah, OK. Rachel won both :).

And Second Place Goes To...

Rachel, who guessed the middle name, Harvey.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Baby Name Contest

Don't get me wrong, we're excited to have a boy. We can't wait. Trouble is, after three years of marriage, the only name we've agreed upon is Ela (or Ella, or Elanora, depending on whom you ask). We figured the discussion on spelling was minor and could wait. That is probably the main reason we decided this baby was a little girl.

Alas, life is never so simple. We've been forced to confront the dreaded decision of naming a boy.

This common and oft-fought battle nearly always seems to start at the same point. Almost every man I've met loves the idea of having a Jr., named either after himself or one of his progenitors. As the fate of the universe would have it, an equal number of women abhor the idea. As much as they love their husbands, they don't love them that much, or at least not their names. I'm sure my wife thinks that one of me is quite enough to have running around the house, usually without certain amounts of clothing that she would deem to be minimal. As these things usually go, it is generally the husband's responsibility to protect the sanity of the home and drop the idea as promptly as conceived. I myself came to this conclusion at least two years ago.

With that issue out of the way, we had to face our next problem: most boys have terrible names. Who in his right mind would curse his first born with a name such as Rasputin? Or Ethan? For that matter, I never could understand why my own parents would name me after the most famous adulterer of all time.

As a couple, we've been compiling a list of the least humiliating and sickening names for quite some time. Of course, going back to the list revealed that of the 20 or so we found acceptable, only four would be suitable for a boy. Last night we agreed on one for this particular creature. This is, however, no guarantee that we will permanently stay in such a state of agreement. We had at one point, a year or two ago, been decided on our first boy's name, but someone (I'll not mention who; she knows who she is) renigged on the deal.

So, we'd like to invite you all to make a guess. Leave your try above. Be sure to fill in your name. There'll be a prize for the first one to get it right. I'll leave a clue from time to time. The clues and guesses are listed on the left. Here's Clue the First: the name contains two syllables.


We are so excited. Our superduper super exciting ultrasound revealed that our little one has a healthy heart, brain, spinal cord, arms, legs, stomach, bowels, hands, feet and everything else they looked at. They really do a great job these days. It's amazing how much you can see. Our doctor and/or technician spent almost 1.5 hours looking at each organ, organ system, etc. Of course, lets be real, there's a million things you can't see. But it's good to know that as much as we know about now, we've got a healthy little BOY!!!

A BOY. Woah! What a cognitive shift! We are thrilled. We can't wait to watch him playing with his feet. He'll be so cute! If he stays true to character, he will have his mom's energy level (well, childhood energy level). Every sonogram we have had, he has been quite active. I always liked active kids- way to go kiddo. I'm kinda proud of him for growing so many organs in such a short time. It's amazing how somehow Heavenly Father micromanages this whole process of growing a child's body- using my body, my physical resources, but I have absolutely no clue how it all occurs.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pictures and Such

Well, we have printouts from the Sonogram. At least, we had them. We can't find them now. We may have left them downtown, we're not really sure. We also have a video tape of the whole thing. I'm going to see if I can extract a few still from that in the coming days.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Bits Have Spoken

Well, it seems the masses have masses on their brains. We were wrong. It's a boy. We're excited to know. Now the bartering for names can begin.

Monday, May 09, 2005


Hmmm. The tune from Little Orphan Annie is coming to mind… Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow, you're only a Day Away!

For the record- We'll be excited no matter what those "bits" tell us. Just as long as he/she doesn't play shy. Come on baby show us your stuff.

It's a Cow!

Well, let's hope not. Tomorrow we're getting our Super-Duper Hi-Res Hi-Tech Hi-Excitement 3-D Ultrasound taken. We'll get to see all the organs (hopefully human), including those that determine gender. I just hope the little runt isn't shy. It could be quite traumatizing, having pictures of one's bits published for all the world to see. At that point we'll take down the poll above, so now's your last chance to add your vote.

Studies have shown that the guesses of the masses are generally accurate. While it may be true that some of us are quite massive, I don't know that the eight people who've voted thus far can be termed "the masses". Having said that, I'm still optimistic that we've got a good chance (possibly as high as 50/50) of having a little girl. Whoƫver it was that opted to vote for boy, you'd better watch out, we're coming for you.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Awkward Stage

Ok. So, I am "not showing" according to everyone else, but I haven't been able to fit into my pants for 2 weeks. I have to wear maternity pants, but then I have to roll the tops so I can wear them with several of my normal shirts.

I have, however, been able to eat for a couple of weeks here!!!! Hallaleujah!!!!! What a blessing to be able to eat. Starting to feel a lot better. Still tired, but definetly more able to function! Food- It's really a nice thing in life. Smoothies and I have regained our lifelong friendship. I missed them.

We find out the baby's gender in about a week. Yahoo!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Funny kind of baby hungry

You know they say that women who are pregnant are selfish. I think it's somewhat true. I've had the same experience twice in the past week... It wasn't until the second time, that I understood why. I'll explain.

So the other day, I was walking down the hall at the school where I work, headed on an errand. I saw this beautiful baby down the hall and watched as everyone gathered around oogleing over the baby. My mind drifted to my own little one and my/our excitement over seeing her/him on sonogram and then into the future in my own dreamy little maternal land. I paused for a moment to get a better look, walked past the crowd, and then kept going. Beautiful baby. It was fun to watch everyone so captivated. As I walked past, someone said, "Don't you want to hold him." Uhh, Ya, of course I do. The thought hadn't occurred to me, but now that you mention it, I'd love to.

Well, today our friends brought over their one month old baby. I watched as my friend held her small baby, noticing the baby's posture, and her mother's comfort with holding her. It was quite a sweet view. It was nice to watch their comfortable unity. I just gazed on as we chatted about work, school, church, etc all the while with my hand gently warming my belly. My pants are getting just tight enough to be uncomfortable. It feels good to have by hand on my abdomen. Introspective. In a not so obvious way. After about an hour, my friend said, "Do you want to hold her?" Uh, ya, sure. (How come I didn't think of that?) She is a nurse. I think she assumed that I am not incredibly comfortable around infants. That's pretty common. But, I thought, "I'm not uncomfortable. But I normally would have thought of it. Huh, that's weird. What's that about?"

Then it occurred to me. I'm baby hungry all right. I oogle at every baby around. But I guess I'm baby hungry in a more self-centered sort of way. I don't want anybody else's baby. I just want my own. My body's too busy to feel the desire to take on extras. What an interesting experience. It's just funny that it happened twice in a week's time.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wow. Did you see that?

My goodness. In the course of 2 months, the little one has grown from a 2 mm yolk sac (see Valentine's photo), to a 4 mm embryo with a heartbeat just 4 days later, to a very active 2.2 cm embryo with a head, body, and limbs a month later, and now 2 months from Valentines (4-15-05) the little one is 8 cm has a head, developed arms, legs, spine, and hands (with all the fingers.) That's 40 times the original size in 2 months flat!!! My heck! She was kicking her little legs and sucking her thumb. I think it's amazing how all of those cells somehow know what organ to become. I realize it's biochemical, but that's really amazing.

Makes me realize why I've been so sick. It must take a lot of chemicals (hormones) to keep the whole process working right. All those hormones make me sick as a dog, but that's ok, I've lived quite a while and can take a little abuse. The baby on the other hand needs everything just right. It takes a lot of energy to keep everything going.

At our next 4-week checkup we should find out the gender. We should be able to see her inner organs and such as well. That'll be cool. I probably really will be showing by then.

Friday, April 15, 2005

14-Week Snapshot

Now you can even see a fully-developed hand, fingers and all! The baby is now 8 cm from head to rump.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Rearranging the House

Well, we have a three-bedroom house. The master bedroom is obviously spoken for. One room in the front of the house became the defacto storage room. Who has time to unpack? As for the other room, Cosmo (our ferret) has long since claimed it as his own. Obviously there was a need to make a few changes.

Cosmo doesn't do well locked in the cage all day. Currently, he mainly stays in the cage excepting for the few hours each day he's out playing with us. The trouble is, he's quite rambunctious during playtime because he's been cooped up all day. We had, at one point, implemented a failed plan to let him roam the house all day. For the most part it went well, except for the fact that he somehow forgot his potty-training. That was the end of that little experiment.

Upstairs we also have a common area that we've been using as our office. It's been highly under-used, mostly because we don't want to go upstairs. We decided to move one of the computers downstairs and combine the office with the library in what is meant to be the dining room. It's worked out great.

We decided Cosmo could have the common area as his play area. Of course, being a ferret, he like to dig and scratch. We feared this would mean disaster for the carpet in that area. Our best solution (without ripping out the carpet) was to lay Pergo-style glue-free flooring. In all, it took us about three half-Saturdays to get it in.

Tonight we moved Cosmo in. He seems to love it. He finally has his toys all in one place again. He spent all night running around the room, playing with his toys, and climbing through his tubes. He's a happy fellow.

We can now start the seemingly gigantic task of preparing the other two rooms as the nursery and guest room.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

slightly rounded

It's crazy.

I wore a pair of pants two days ago and a skirt yesterday, both of which are probably the only items in my wardrobe that fit into my waistline. Well, my goodness, suddenly within the last three days my waistline began expanding out the front. I'm not gonna be able to wear those for a while. I've been keeping an eye out for forever for changes. It's like I'm a teenager... "hmmm what's changed this week". But no stomach rounding until now. It's cute. Now, it won't be noticible to the rest of the world for a while now, but it's nice to know things are going ok.

Dave is worried that I might get self-conscience. Nah. Just evidence that things are going well. We have that book "What to expect.." I look just like the picture for the end of 3 months. It's just amazing how suddenly it started.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Well. I'm still puny, but I've figured out a new trick. Apparently my tummy likes carbonated water. If I drink some soda, often my tummy will calm down enough to allow me to eat! My a- little-older-and- MUCH wiser friends kept telling me to try it. Hallaleujah!!! My poor body. I guess I've been starving lately. (Don't worry, I haven't lost anymore weight. Still stable.) I've been eating as much as I can get down, but that's significantly less than usual. I've been waking up at 2,3,4 in the morning hungry. Not last night though- I had a little soda, a reasonable meal (as opposed to the few bites I can normally force down) at 9:30 at night (after my feable attempt at 5:00 pm), and actually slept through the night. Miracles do happen.

As for Dave. He's such an angel. I think every once in a while he takes the sickness away for me for a day or two. Last week, I felt reasonably good. Dave on the other hand, well you saw his Great Expectations e-mail. I tease him every once in a while about his being pregnant.

I'm really lucky to be married to such an incredible person. Poor guy. T wo nights ago, I was up for at least 3 hours off and on. I barely got any sleep. The next morning, Dave says empathetically, "I'm sorry you had a such a rough night." He, of course, was completely exhausted. When I don't sleep well, neither does he. He probably got no more sleep than I did. But he made no mention of that. He's really just a kind person.

He will be thrilled when this trimester is over. I think it's tough on him watching me be sick all the time. The situation pulls on his empathy strings.

I guess I should mention, in some wierd way, I don't mind all of this. It just lets me know that my body is still doing what it should be- being pregnant. I have an aunt who had 13 miscarriages. My mother had none. I guess being sick is just confirmation that things are still going alright. I'm not "worried" about that, but I'm old enough to realize it's a risk that people take in being pregnant. I'm happy for the evidence that things are still ok. Even if that evidence is not alot of fun.

All-in-all, life is good.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Great Expectations

Our doctor gave us a book called Great Expectations: a guide to enjoying your pregnancy. It's kind of a miniature What to Expect When You're Expecting. It has a lot of helpful and interesting information about during and after the pregnancy. It says the following about fathers:
While you are pregnant, the baby's father is also sort of "pregnant." He, too, is going through change, anxieties, fears, doubts, joys and stresses.
I must say I whole-heartedly agree at this point. I'm sure most of it is emotional, but some days I feel I'm going to be sick too. I guess we really are pregnant.

Friday, March 11, 2005


As Dave said, I'm relatively puny these days. It seems the little one is absorbing about 2/3 of my resources- which is Ok by me. It's kinda funny though, it's like my whole pace has slowed. Most people mark my personality by my moderately fast paced walk and overall high energy level. These days, I walk slow enough to force Dave to about 1/3 of his usual pace. It's just funny to watch me change.

I'm also a lot quieter. I think the reasons for this are two-fold: 1. My overall energy level is at a crawl and 2. I'm always a little afraid that if I talk, I loose whatever food I have managed to consume. (I'm feeling pretty protective of my stomach contents. I was loosing about a lb a week for a while there.)

My little sister said the other day, "You don't sound very excited." I just smiled and assured her that I am VERY excited in my quiet and calm voice- I'm sure she wasn't convinced. She's used to me expressing enthusiasm through my loud, excited, and outgoing voice. Now days, I express that more quietly... I tend to giggle quietly, smile my quiet smile, and then flap my arms imitating the little one inside. SO CUTE!!! Wiggley little one! Pretty amazing for a babe that's not quite an inch in size. Absolutely adorable! I am thrilled! I think overall though, I'm most likely to express that through just feeling more contemplative. My body reminds me constantly about the HUGE changes that are taking place. The funny thing is... I'm not showing and won't be for quite a while, but I feel VERY pregnant.

One more thing- ya know, I've always prided myself on my poor sense of smell. I find it quite a blessing in life and have bragged about it for years-- well until lately. Recently my nose has become quite a sensitive fella. Sniffing out and causing gags on even the most mundane odors and even things that I would previously have enjoyed. I think it's pretty funny. Well, when I'm not gagging. Life is funny.

Overall though, I'm doing quite well. A lot of people have a much harder time than me. I've learned a lot of strategies to keep me balanced. Hey whatever it takes to get that little one what she needs.

2nd Month and... Wow!

Some people say that the first trimester is the worst. April's sick everyday. Sometimes all she has to do is smell food and she's ready to hurl. I think it's making me sick too :). Supposedly the morning sickness will go away in a few more weeks. We're hoping.

I've heard pregnancy (at least at this stage) compared to long-term PMS. That seems about right to me. Thankfully April doesn't really have mood swings during PMS, and she hasn't had them so far while pregnant. She is tired a lot. Sometimes she goes to bed at 7:30.

She's on Spring Break this week. It's a good thing, she needs the rest.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

8 Weeks, 6 Days

This image was taken today. We can now see a head and four limbs. You should've seen the little one wigglin' around!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Heartbeat Confirmation

Four days later, we have a heartbeat!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Upon First Suspicion

This is the first image, taken Valentine's Day 2005. You can barely see a yolk sack.