Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Update

WE are now in Austin, TX with my mom's sister (Aunt Diane). College Station was out of the path of Rita enough to keep us safe probably, but the likelihood of no electricity was much more likely there. I am quite sensitive to the heat these days and felt like I should obey the urgings from my mom to head further inland. My mom is QUITE relieved now that we are here. She was really looking out for us. Aunt DiDi (pronounced Dye, Dye) is a nurse here- so she arranged an excellent doctor for me- should I need one. Anyway- we are here and spoiled beyond all belief! I am so grateful that people care so much about us. That's all. Just wanted to update you guys.

Oh- Aunt DiDi has internet access, but we will actually be staying and her daughter Kimberly's house about 10 min away. Diane has internet access, but Kimberly does not. We will try to get over here about once a day to check e-mail and such.

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