Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita

In case you have processed that there is a hurricane headed directly towards where we live. (I'm generally oblivious to these things- so I'm assuming lots of other people are)- I thought I'd fill you in on where we are , our plans, etc.

The hurricane is headed either towards Galveston (45 minutes from our house) or Freeport (1 hour from our house). I work in Galveston. Fortunately, my employer and the city of Galveston are being intelligent about this thing. My employer dismissed us for evacuation last night. The city of Galveston as well as Friendswood (that's where I live) are having mandatory evacuations today. Once mandatory evacuations occur- the roads are grid locked. Consequently, we left last evening. (They do have a good plan for keeping the traffic moving, but still. It's not worth risking it.)

We are currently in College Station (about 2-2.5 hours inland). We have some close friends here. We got here last night. We are comfortable and well taken care of. My technical due date isn't for another 3 weeks and one day (I am scheduled for October 6th, but not technically due till the 13th.) I'm not having any contractions or anything and we have a couple of contingency plans set up for a doctor. In other words, we are safe, comfortable, and fine.

Just thought there might be someone out there who has processed this whole hurricane thing and is worried about us. If you want more info you can e-mail: I can send the phone # for where we are staying.

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