Friday, September 30, 2005

5.5 more days

This is crazy! We literally only have 5 and a half more days. It doesn't seem real at all. I realize that I am huge and incredibly uncomfortable. I realize that there is definitely something acrobatic in my belly that moves around inside of , but completely independent of me. I have seen several ultrasonic and heard his heartbeat at least 15 times, but when it all adds up.... well, it still doesn't seem like this could possibly be accurate. I have always marveled when I saw a new baby- how that child could possibly have been in my friend's belly just a few days before. I guess I somehow thought that when it was me, it would make sense--- wrong. It really doesn't. I guess there are some things that are just complete and total marvels- even when you are the key player in the process. Ian has been consuming my resources for 9 months now, but even with the substantial and very real drain of my physical resources so obvious- the idea that another human being is inside is bewildering. And to think that we first saw him at 4mm and now he is 7 or so pounds is amazing. That's quite a lot to grow.

Dave and I are both so excited we can't think straight. Ian has consumed our every thought for since February. We wonder what he will look like, what his personality will be like, and in what ways our life will change. It really is another veil experience--- I have NO IDEA what my life will be like in one week! None at all! But yet, I am thrilled!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back Home

We are back home, safe, and sound. We left our home a week ago with the relatively reasonable assumption that pretty much nothing would be there when we got back. We took our work clothes, our toiletries, my hospital bag, medical/ insurance info, and Dave's school books. Everything else we had to assume wouldn't be in existance when we returned.... A category 5 hurricane gaining strength was headed straight for our house.

Well, we are grateful. Our home is completely intact. We lost some tree limbs and a tile or two on the roof. Everything else is perfect. We were completely spoiled rotten by our friends as well as my Aunt while we were gone and even came back with a stash of stuff for our little boy (clothes, toys, breast pump, crib mattress).

Sometimes it's not until something like this happens that you realize just how many people care about you. I think we had 5 separate invitations for places to go... all from people who mean quite a lot to us. We really appreciate it!!!! THANK YOU!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Update

WE are now in Austin, TX with my mom's sister (Aunt Diane). College Station was out of the path of Rita enough to keep us safe probably, but the likelihood of no electricity was much more likely there. I am quite sensitive to the heat these days and felt like I should obey the urgings from my mom to head further inland. My mom is QUITE relieved now that we are here. She was really looking out for us. Aunt DiDi (pronounced Dye, Dye) is a nurse here- so she arranged an excellent doctor for me- should I need one. Anyway- we are here and spoiled beyond all belief! I am so grateful that people care so much about us. That's all. Just wanted to update you guys.

Oh- Aunt DiDi has internet access, but we will actually be staying and her daughter Kimberly's house about 10 min away. Diane has internet access, but Kimberly does not. We will try to get over here about once a day to check e-mail and such.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita

In case you have processed that there is a hurricane headed directly towards where we live. (I'm generally oblivious to these things- so I'm assuming lots of other people are)- I thought I'd fill you in on where we are , our plans, etc.

The hurricane is headed either towards Galveston (45 minutes from our house) or Freeport (1 hour from our house). I work in Galveston. Fortunately, my employer and the city of Galveston are being intelligent about this thing. My employer dismissed us for evacuation last night. The city of Galveston as well as Friendswood (that's where I live) are having mandatory evacuations today. Once mandatory evacuations occur- the roads are grid locked. Consequently, we left last evening. (They do have a good plan for keeping the traffic moving, but still. It's not worth risking it.)

We are currently in College Station (about 2-2.5 hours inland). We have some close friends here. We got here last night. We are comfortable and well taken care of. My technical due date isn't for another 3 weeks and one day (I am scheduled for October 6th, but not technically due till the 13th.) I'm not having any contractions or anything and we have a couple of contingency plans set up for a doctor. In other words, we are safe, comfortable, and fine.

Just thought there might be someone out there who has processed this whole hurricane thing and is worried about us. If you want more info you can e-mail: I can send the phone # for where we are staying.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Who's There?

Well, April wanted to know who's actually reading the blog. If you're out there, please send us an email to:

Include your phone number and address too, just in case we don't have it. When Ian finally gets here, we'll send you an announcement. Of course, comments are always welcome as well.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Official complaint

Up to this point in my life, I have seen pregnant women periodically who were 8-9 months pregnant. I always remember noting how uncomfortable they looked. I had heard that they didn't get much sleep, but somehow I had no idea what all of that really meant.

Let me define... the word "uncomfortable" actually means "in pain". Somehow all these years I had no idea. I honestly and truly have been in pain regularly/ almost constantly since the beginning of August. My "medieval torture device" (aka- rib cage expansion) has been a source of continual pain. Generally, in the mild range- just enough to grate on the nerves, but more and more frequently it is enough to leave me just really struggling to maintain personality. Hello! A person's ribs were not meant to move!- Much less expand more than 4 inches. It takes some serious crane action to make that happen. OUCH!!! Sleep is really my only escape.... YA RIGHT!!! I go to sleep to escape, however, then I'm up 5-7 times. You see, at night, my rib cage muscles and stomach muscles go to sleep- thank goodness- but my butt muscles take the strain. I wake up every hour because my butt muscles are dying and I must turn over. Translation- No escape.

Ok- so I make a special point to keep a good attitude about all of this. I'm ok with the pain and discomfort. I'm excited about our little boy and willing to deal with some pain in the process. It just comes with the territory. I make it through work and church with rarely a sign. I refuse to be a miserable, whiney pregnant woman. I deliberately choose to handle all of this gracefully. By evening all of my resources are gone- it takes energy to keep up a good attitude when you hurt like heck. I come home and crash on the couch. I'm just grateful to be married to Dave- who knows this is the best I have to offer. He is just incredibly supportive!

My point is not to whine--- but to file an official complaint---- Ok. I really, truly want to hit those people who say, "Get your sleep now- cause you won't be getting any for a long time." They can kiss mine!!! I realize that I have such a good attitude about all of this that they have not a clue that I might be in distress. But really- do they think they are being cute? (Just trying to get a jab in- since I'm so joyful.) Or do they think I'm just naive and don't realize that parents are up every few hours for quite a long time? (I'm not stupid!) Either way- I want to beat them for being so insensitive. Of course- I just smile and say something positive, but it really gets on my nerves. I want to say, "Listen darn it, I am in serious pain. I only WISH I could sleep! Kiss mine! Thank you for the friendly reminder that I not only can't get sleep now, but won't ever get sleep for the rest of my life. It is such helpful information!" UGGGH!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Passing through the veil

I think there are just a few experiences in life that are very much like passing through the veil--you really have no clue what life will be like on the other side--- you just plunge forward with faith. I have passed through at least 2 thus far (although I could probably add another one or two)... my mission and marriage. They are both experiences that you hear about your whole life and even dream about, but really and honestly cannot fathom what life is like on the other side. I remember before my mission. It was really all I could think about. I must have spent hundreds of hours thinking and preparing- mentally, spiritually, and physically. When it all came down to it- I was crossing into a life that was completely unlike any I have experienced before or since. One with a unique culture, thought process, opportunity for learning- with joys and pains that are different than anything else on earth. It was nothing like I had imagined, but yet it had a few similarities. (I'm speaking of the missionary experience, not Las Vegas- although Vegas is definitely unique.)

Getting married was another "crossing through the veil" experience. Only, I must admit, I was MUCH less prepared for this one. I remember clearly 2 days before getting married- staring ahead at a blank wall- I couldn't for the life of me fathom, or even imagine what life would be like 3 days ahead. Fortunately/ unfortunately, I had been in a singles ward my entire adult life and literally knew NO ONE who had "crossed over". I knew there was almost no aspect of my life that would stay the same- where I lived, my ward, my friends, everything I understood. But I had no idea what all the changes would mean. Anyone who knew me then knows I didn't go gracefully through the veil. I went kicking and screaming each step of the way. Had I only been able to glance at the other side- I'd have been leaping through- but that's just cause I know now what it's like to be married to Dave. The guy is amazing- I had no idea just how lucky I was.

For me, this is another veil-like experience. Only this one I feel alot more comfortable with. I have no idea what life will be like in three weeks, but I'm ok with that. I realize that I have no idea how to be a parent, but I'm ok with that too. I've had some good preparation along the way- and I don't need all the answers. But, my thoughts are completely monopolized. Physically, life is only reasonably busy at this time. But mentally and emotionally--- all booked up. We are fully loaded over here. I just slowly and deliberately prepare for Ian while trying to take care of myself physically. But other than that- I just want things to be quiet and still. Life is rushing forward at a loud and busy pace- I'm happy for my immediate environment to be calm.

I think some people just don't get it... I am having a baby in 3 weeks. I have three priorities in life: 1. Surviving my work day gracefully, 2. Preparing for/ dreaming about our little boy, and 3. Dave. (Definetly not in any specific order.) Other than that I just don't really care!!! Apparently, I am the Enrichment committee's project- they are always giving me a job just so I will come. I don't think they understand- I don't really care if I go or not. Honestly, my body is consuming almost all of my resources. I'm still working full time until Ian comes. I come home and crash. What bursts of energy I do have go to Dave and Ian preparation. Other than that, I feel no great need to be superwoman.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Baby Shower

The baby shower was great!!! I really appreciated just having people there and feeling their support. I'm always terrified of anything like that. I'm always scared that no one will come. But lots of people came and I felt really loved! My good friend Janine threw the shower for me. She is probably my closest friend in the ward. I'm quite an independent person- it's good for me to finally sit still long enough to develop close friendships. Some of Dave and my close friends came from up to 2.5 hours away. One friend who I have known since I was 13- Suzy Kolle Ellison. All in all, I just really felt loved.

People gave us lots of things... a Pack-N-Play, a baby swing, a box of size Newborn and Size 1 diapers, pacifiers, some little outfits- onesies, hats,etc , bibs, some baby blankets, hand imprint kit, calendar, and little odds and ends. (Forgive me if I left something off.) We just really appreciate it!!!!

I guess the main things we need to acquire now are bedding (mattress and sheets), and feeding stuff (bottles and such). We got a baby bath this weekend, some baby soap, and baby wipes. We went to IKEA this weekend and got some things to organize it all. (IKEA rocks!) I think we're both starting to feel a little more prepared. We've got our mental list of what to acquire over the next few weeks, but it's a reasonable one. Thank goodness.

I am just SO grateful!!!