Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sweet papa

Dave is the best papa in the whole world. So B breaks his arm. Completely deformed. Dave takes charge of the situation in the most kind and calming way possible. Explaining that broken arms are just a part of life and guiding B through breathing exercises to calm down. While listening to Indiana Jones of course. Apparently Dave broke his right arm 4 times when he was a kid. So sweet. So B was in a lot of pain waiting for the doctor. Dave says, "Wanna hear about the first time I broke my arm?". They must have had a 20 min conversation about all of Dave's broken arm stories. B was so delighted to have a "comrade in arms" so to speak, that he almost forgot about his mangled little arm. I think it was reassuring that his arm really would soon heal (just like papas) and that Papa really did know what he was experiencing. Sweetest thing Ever!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


So April. What'd you do today?
Well, I taught a guy who can't talk or write to email. Taught a guy who can't interpret visual information to read and write. Helped a guy who can't move to access his lights, tv, radio, etc. And helped a language impaired woman to write professionally again. Seriously, no wonder I have a big ole headache. Time to go to Young Womens.