Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heavenly Father

We were talking about eternal progression in Sunday School last week. It got me to thinking.... I wonder if Heavenly Father gets frustrated with us. Seriously, he's got a BIG job to do.... Far more difficult than any of us can possibly imagine. But many of us have experienced, in life, the further you progress, the more criticism you will recieve. You can choose the absolute best choice possible and will still recieve criticism. Think about how much criticism our Presidents recieve. It comes with the job.

I think about how much criticism Heavenly Father recieves from his children. I wonder if he ever gets frustrated. "I'm working my hiney off here, can't anybody just say Thanks! Seriously, Come on. That place is amazing. I worked for a long time on that place. By the way guys... Treat each other well and keep a Few simple commandments, that's all it takes. You're little world down there would be a lot happier place. But look, if you want to learn everything the hard way (shakes his head). And, hello, it's a huge world down there. Find a place where you will be happy and stop whining. Now, somethings will be tough, I'll help you figure it out, you'll need my help. Remember, I'm here. And I love you. But it's certainly easier to meet your needs and give you guidance when you talk to me. "

Monday, November 23, 2009

Just chillin

We are back at our facility in Galveston. It's nice to be back. I'm not loving the drive, but definetly appreciating the relative peace that comes from having my own office with room to spread out and think.

It's lunchtime now and the sun in the sky couldn't possibly be more perfect outside here. Nice warm breeze and not a lot going on that I care to manage at the moment. What could be better? A few min of calm in this crazy, crazy world.

Monday, November 16, 2009

School Pictures 2009

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