Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First Birthday

Ian's birthday party was really a lot of fun! They say that a child's first birthday is more for the parent than the child. The child won't remember it anyway. Maybe that's true. I donno. But for us, celebrating his birthday wasn't so much about creating a memory for him, but truly a CELEBRATION. We adore our baby boy and are thrilled about the changes and the joys that he has brought to our life. Our lives changed in the hugest of ways when he was born. We treasure every day with him. I guess that's the point, not to create a memory that he won't remember anyway, but to begin the habit of stopping the rat race for a moment- and treasure the most important thing there is in life----- LIFE! The love and happiness that one life (in this case an incredibly active little munchkin) brings to the rest of us.

None the less- his birthday was big fun!!! My best friend Janine and her family came. She made his birthday cakes. A football and baseball for the group and an exact replica of his favorite ball. It was really incredible! Her kids are incredible. They are 8-11 years old. They ADORE Ian. They were so sweet to all the kids there. Melissa Buckner is his nanny for the semester. (We have been close friends with she and her family for a good 5-6 years now.) It's really nice to have her around. She's incredible. She did a large part of the decorations. She blew up these really cool 4 foot long squiggly balloons. The kids LOVED them. She got him lots of balloons. One of Dora the Explorer. He loves Dora. He's been hugging that ballon ever since. It's almost life sized- so it's about twice Ian's size. Sarah (Melissa's sister) and her son Nathaniel came. Nathaniel is now almost 2. He had SUCH a great time! He had a great time playing with Ian's toys and Ian and the Moses kids. My superviser, Becky came and brought her little girl Lily. Lily had a great time with the Moses kids. They must have played with those ballons for 3/4 of the party. Morris and May came too. They just got back from a trip to Japan and were quite tired, but it was good to have them there. It was really just a lot of fun.

Janine gave Ian a little bike. It's awesome. He's too short to reach the pedals, but it's got a pole on the back to push him with. Wow does he love that thing! It's perfect. She really adores Ian. It's such a blessing to have such good friends who treasure my baby like I do.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

New Bike

First Birthday Bash

Click for pictures of Ian's first birthday party.