Sunday, June 25, 2006


You know, I just cherish my time with our little boy. He's really an amazing little boy. Sweet kid. he just cut his first tooth yesterday. (8.5 months) You know, that's gotta hurt. I noticed that he was a little bit grumpier than usual and a bit more clingy, but nothing particularly viscious. I just find it remarkable that he can stay so pleasant in spite of it all.

I just appreciate that little boy. What a joy to have such a sweet little munchkin crusing around the house. He's VERY active, "into everything", and quite the little explorer boy. We love it!

People keep telling us, "Oh no, you'll hate it when he starts crawling. He'll be into everything." Well, he is crawling and he is into everything, but we love it. It's just fun to watch him explore. To watch the wheels in his brain turn as he inspects everything around him meticulously. Analytically evaluating each curve, each sound, each motion. Sure it requires a more careful eye to keep him safe, but what a joy! I just enjoy each and every day with him.

I really belive that's the best thing I can give my son... parents who adore him. That was the gift my mother gave me. She adored me. She believed I was smart and kind and wonderful. She called me her "pride and joy". I've spent my whole life trying to prove her right. I was willing to overcome any obstacle to prove it.

I feel the great need enjoy him everyday and teach him the things that will help him to be sucessful and happy in the future (For the moment... "pulling up the carpet is unacceptable behavior"). My mother only managed to be with me for 9 years. I guess I feel the great need to I live my life so that if he only had me for a short while, he would have the kind of self-esteem and inner strength to make it through. --- To choose what's right, stand up for what he believes, then look deep inside, reach his potential, and then give back to the world and to his own family.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Personality development

It's nice to watch his little personality develop. When he was first born he had absolutely NO patience. Bless his heart, he only wanted two things, "Food and Go!" If he lost his place when he was eating, he would scream until we helped him find it again. (Which often required 3 hands.) "Go!- ing" was very important to him. Stopping at a stoplight did NOT qualify . When we stopped at a stop light, he would wail until we started driving again. If we put him in his car seat, we had better be leaving that very moment. If someone forgot something, we would have to drive around the block while the other person ran in. I was ok with all of this realizing that impatience is crutial for newborn survival. (He really was quite an angel kid, even then.)

But now- when I look back- it amazes me how much patience he has developed. We can now put him in his seat and THEN load up the car for several minuites if need be. He will just play with his toys. In every way, he is just a lot more patient.

It's neat. His self-awareness has increased as well. He now knows when he is tired. If you lay out his blanket, he will crawl right to it. When he's done eating and ready to go to sleep, he will turn over in your lap. Then you can put him in his bed awake and he will just relax and wiggle around until he falls asleep.

He's really a good communicator. Dave said in Sunday School, Ian got hungry so he "asked" to get down on the floor. Dave let him down and he crawled right over to his bottle. He figured out how to get his needs met. What a remarkable change!


Ian is now quite mobile. He now navigates at will through 3/4 of the bottom floor of our house. It's really a lot of fun to watch this kid! Bless his little heart. He's quite a little explorer. We love that about him! However, with absolutely NO safety awareness, we have to keep a close eye. Of course this has forced us to quickly ready up our "baby proofing". We've purchased baby gates, plug covers, electrical applicance cord covers, and cabinet door thingys. We don't have it all done, but have the most crutial spots covered. (At least we THink.) In spite of this, there are some things you can't just make unavailable such as the border where the tile and the carpet meet. He's figured out that he can pull that up all by himself about a week ago.

You know, I'm impressed though. I was terrified when I saw him start that. I thought this was something that would take months to teach. (Not to compare him to our ferrets, but we still have to keep an eye on them after all of this time and dilligent training.) Amazingly enough though, he's figured it out already. It took about 20-30 "no"s, about 4 relatively-gentle hand slaps, and 10-12 glooming over the shoulders, but the kid now just halts slightly and moves onward. What a sweet kid. We sure like him.

The first of a million lessons. I don't mind a bit. I like him. And I like to watch him learn. What a sweet little guy.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Friday, June 02, 2006

High Resolution Photos

There has been a request for higher resolution versions of some of the photos posted on the blog. You can download a zip file with all of this year's photos here. Be aware that it is over 76MB, containing 72 photos, many of which did not make the cut for the web page. Enjoy!

Playing with Mom

Johnny Jump Up!

Just Bein' Ian B'Nian

Chillin' With Kileen