Sunday, July 15, 2007

Boat Ride

Ian loves any and all conveyances. We regularly make trips to NASA to look at the rockets. His favorite toys are his cars, trucks, & trains. A few weeks ago we went to Galveston and rented a boat for a couple of hours. Ian absolutely loved it. We all had a lot of fun. Clickie for biggie.

Ian Talking

Ian talks a lot. He clearly talks a lot more than most kids his age. In the nursery, he's the youngest child, but he's also by far the most vocal.

It's a bit frustrating because he's one of the best behaved kids I know, but you couldn't tell from Sacrament Meeting. We have to remind ourselves that most kids his age aren't talking much, and the older ones that do talk seem to have learned a bit more control. Even so, it's a bit embarrassing when the sacrament starts and your little boy is yelling, "Bread, bread! Found bread!"