Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sweet papa

Dave is the best papa in the whole world. So B breaks his arm. Completely deformed. Dave takes charge of the situation in the most kind and calming way possible. Explaining that broken arms are just a part of life and guiding B through breathing exercises to calm down. While listening to Indiana Jones of course. Apparently Dave broke his right arm 4 times when he was a kid. So sweet. So B was in a lot of pain waiting for the doctor. Dave says, "Wanna hear about the first time I broke my arm?". They must have had a 20 min conversation about all of Dave's broken arm stories. B was so delighted to have a "comrade in arms" so to speak, that he almost forgot about his mangled little arm. I think it was reassuring that his arm really would soon heal (just like papas) and that Papa really did know what he was experiencing. Sweetest thing Ever!

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  1. that poor kid. i feel bad for him. breaking your arm can't be any fun. i broke my ankle on a trampoline in first grade. but what bothered me the most was when other kids would ask "what happened to your foot?". i would tell them "i broke my ANKLE! not my FOOT!" now i think it is so funny that it made me that mad. but i was 6. i didn't really realize that if your entire foot (and much of your leg) is covered in cast, nobody is going to have a clue what part of it you broke. ;)

    so anyway, did ian b. get a GREEN cast??!?!?