Saturday, September 03, 2005

Baby Shower

The baby shower was great!!! I really appreciated just having people there and feeling their support. I'm always terrified of anything like that. I'm always scared that no one will come. But lots of people came and I felt really loved! My good friend Janine threw the shower for me. She is probably my closest friend in the ward. I'm quite an independent person- it's good for me to finally sit still long enough to develop close friendships. Some of Dave and my close friends came from up to 2.5 hours away. One friend who I have known since I was 13- Suzy Kolle Ellison. All in all, I just really felt loved.

People gave us lots of things... a Pack-N-Play, a baby swing, a box of size Newborn and Size 1 diapers, pacifiers, some little outfits- onesies, hats,etc , bibs, some baby blankets, hand imprint kit, calendar, and little odds and ends. (Forgive me if I left something off.) We just really appreciate it!!!!

I guess the main things we need to acquire now are bedding (mattress and sheets), and feeding stuff (bottles and such). We got a baby bath this weekend, some baby soap, and baby wipes. We went to IKEA this weekend and got some things to organize it all. (IKEA rocks!) I think we're both starting to feel a little more prepared. We've got our mental list of what to acquire over the next few weeks, but it's a reasonable one. Thank goodness.

I am just SO grateful!!!

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  1. Anonymous11:12

    Hey April--Wendy just emailed me your web page so I could look you up. I'd heard you were having a baby (although I thought you were due before now!). Anyway, I'm really excited for you. And FYI--Dan and I are expecting a boy at the end of December. (I couldn't remember your email address, so I'm sending the note to your blog).