Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back Home

We are back home, safe, and sound. We left our home a week ago with the relatively reasonable assumption that pretty much nothing would be there when we got back. We took our work clothes, our toiletries, my hospital bag, medical/ insurance info, and Dave's school books. Everything else we had to assume wouldn't be in existance when we returned.... A category 5 hurricane gaining strength was headed straight for our house.

Well, we are grateful. Our home is completely intact. We lost some tree limbs and a tile or two on the roof. Everything else is perfect. We were completely spoiled rotten by our friends as well as my Aunt while we were gone and even came back with a stash of stuff for our little boy (clothes, toys, breast pump, crib mattress).

Sometimes it's not until something like this happens that you realize just how many people care about you. I think we had 5 separate invitations for places to go... all from people who mean quite a lot to us. We really appreciate it!!!! THANK YOU!

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