Sunday, May 01, 2005

Awkward Stage

Ok. So, I am "not showing" according to everyone else, but I haven't been able to fit into my pants for 2 weeks. I have to wear maternity pants, but then I have to roll the tops so I can wear them with several of my normal shirts.

I have, however, been able to eat for a couple of weeks here!!!! Hallaleujah!!!!! What a blessing to be able to eat. Starting to feel a lot better. Still tired, but definetly more able to function! Food- It's really a nice thing in life. Smoothies and I have regained our lifelong friendship. I missed them.

We find out the baby's gender in about a week. Yahoo!


  1. So you are finally showing externally. You will notice a difference in how you are treated once you begin to show. Not so much at first, some people will be polite and not want to offend in the event you are gaining weight. As slender as you are though, it will become apparant that the budding beach ball in your mid-section is in fact offspring-related.

    When that happens you will notice a change in how people interact with you. I am hoping that it will be with more respect and care. Even from total strangers it is nice to be treated better. The closer you get to delivery the more you will notice this.

    At some point, you may begin to resent being treated differently - as if you were some sort of "needy" person. Some people may cause you to feel that way, but it is their innocent way of expressing concern and support.

    Other people, as you know, are anal pores and will always be so ignore them.

    Enjoy the life growing in you and how that life is reflected in your countenance.

  2. Anonymous07:49

    My favorite is when grown men you don't even know come up to you in the store and put their hand on your belly. I never felt so claustrophobic in my life. I also enjoyed the closeness I felt to other women. That part was nice.

  3. Anonymous00:19

    Okay. Enough is enough time to post pictures of you and your sweetie. We need to compare before, during, and after in the pregnancy.
    Melissa and Summer