Monday, May 23, 2005

What's up with the hands?

My goodness. Apparently, I am starting to show enough that some people who know me, but aren't close can tell. Suddenly all these people have their hands on me. WIERD!!! It's not that I mind so much people touching me. I'm sorta a touchy- feely girl myself. It's people I only casually know suddenly reaching out to touch my abdomen with NO prior warning- kinda freaky. (It's not like it's by back or something.) If you are going to be touching semi-private regions of my body, ya really gotta give me a heads up.

One person came up and asked me if she could touch my belly with her hands down by her side. I consented and THEN she reached out to touch my belly. I am MUCH more comfortable with this arrangement. I appreciated the fact that she realized that it was MY body. I deserve the right to make the call on who's hands are on me and when.

ALSO- about that name "Killer". Just don't think it's gonna fly. Sorry Tim. I think it's funny, HOWEVER, I'd prefer it not to stick. I have NO desire to aspouse that characteristic to our son, even as a joke.

Just an FYI-
I am changing jobs next week. This school year ends Saturday. On Wed, I will be going to work for a brain injury rehab in Galveston next week. I am excited!

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  1. Anonymous08:23

    That's Great, April. Although, killer is a fantastic moniker for a small boy. have fun!