Thursday, July 14, 2005

All is calm. All is bright.

I guess that's how I feel. My life is probably just as busy as ever, but I just feel calm about everything. It's funny. By nature, I am typically quite an anxious person. I guess being sick for so long was good for me. Suddenly I didn't have energy to care about stuff that I normally would have worried/ cared about. Now that I'm just so grateful to be feeling better that nothing else matters. I'm starting to get on the marginally uncomfortable side- breathing, etc, etc, but I don't really care- I feel SO much better than I did for so long. I'm just grateful! Sleep- I have rarely slept well in months. But once again, it really doesn't matter. I just think it's my body learning to function productively with less sleep. Obviously, something that will be necessary in the months ahead. All-in-all, I just feel at peace. It's really nice.

My waistline is now officially 12 inches bigger than it was when I started. I look in the mirror every day and gawk at how big our little boy must be.... quite a difference from 4 millimeters. Quite proud of the boy. Way to go little guy. I have grown out of some of my early maternity clothes- the ones I thought were SOOOO huge. Life is funny. I know, I'm sorry. I keep meaning to get pictures on here. I'll have to make Dave do that soon.

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