Monday, August 01, 2005

Preggy Body

It's like I have two completely different bodies attached to one another... there's the top part of my body... head, shoulders, arms, etc. Feels pretty much the same as always. Then there's my bottom part... belly (now thirteen inches bigger than when it started- made of steel I believe), legs, etc. A Ton of Bricks. So I'm laying in bed at night on one side, feel the need to turn over--- "no problem"---- that's my brain speaking- you see it's attached to the top half and is generally unaware of the new dynamics of the lower region. So I turn over---- uhhhh- NO! The top part of me turns over. The lower ton of bricks, however, ain't gonna move without some serious intervention. I find myself laughing almost every time I need to turn over. My brain and arms are never suspecting that they might be attached to a huge, immovable weight- even after all this time- they still move expecting the rest to glide on over. I find the whole process to be quite humerous.

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