Monday, August 15, 2005

What we have & what we need-revised

People ask me what we need, but the problem is, I really truly don't know. As a first time mom, I really don't know what is necessary. I'm really shy about this kind of thing so I'm never much help. I thought I would put a list on here of what we have been given- maybe that will help. I also registered at Baby's -R- Us. I keep meaning to register at target too, but I haven't yet. Babies- R- US is kinda expensive. It might be good to look at the registry and then get stuff elsewhere.

Here's what I have: (Thanks to friends' donations.)

  • Baby crib (on loan from a friend), it needs a matress and of course sheets, etc.

  • A changing table (left over from the previous owners of our house), it needs a changing pad.

  • Baby clothes (two friends gave me some- from their babies). One gave me a lot of Birth to 6 month stuff. I JUST REALIZED THAT THEY ARE ALL SHORT SLEAVED, of course Ian will be born in October - so up to 6 months is October until April- when it's cold. (Or moderately- so we will need to acquire long sleeve clothes as well.) Another friend gave me some 6 months- 18 months stuff, but this will probably definetly need to be supplemented when the time comes. (I think alot of these are the wrong season also.)

  • A boppy/ nursing pillow.

  • A snugli

  • A glider/ rocking chair (Dave gave me.)

  • A Johnny Jump-up thingy.

  • Baby monitor

  • Baby carrier/ stroller/ car seat combo (Someone donated their used one.)
I guess we need bathing tub and stuff, crib matress, crib sheets ( I registered for a set at Babies-R- us, but the name on the registry list is obscure- it says Carters 3 piece set), changing pad for table, diapers, wipes, bottles, diaper champ (would be nice), spit up cloths, toys, towels, recieving blankets, bibs, baby swing (would be nice), etc. Like I said, I really don't know, I'm just taking a guess. I will be breast feeding- most likely- FYI. Ian's room is all naturey, so greens and blues with frogs or something. I think people are pitching in for a Pack-n- Play at the baby shower.

Anyway- I hope this helps. I'm sorry I'm such as squirmy little rat when people ask me directly, I'm just shy about stuff like that.


  1. Anonymous11:47

    Here are a couple ideas from an about to be second-time mommy...

    Diaper champ/genies are nice but you'll eventually stop using them b/c yeah I don't know but a few friends and I all had the same experiences.

    Don't purchase baby'll find that your's or a sponge work just fine. Also Equate brand baby wash is just as good as johnson and johnson.

    Parents Choice (Walmart) wipes are just as good as huggies and pampers wipes and tons cheaper. If you can help it get a "travel swing" they are smaller and open at the top and store flat, this way the swing does not take up tons of space and can be put away easily. Receiving blankets are good but you only need a few, after that go for the big square ones that your baby can grow into.

    For burp rags, if you know someone that sews get some diaper fabric and just hem the edges of big squares. This way you can fold it in forths and just refold it as it gets spit up on. You'll probably find that the little cute ones don't go very far. Ty spit up from birth to 7 months non-stop and could do it across the room so we used a lot of these.

    You can keep toys to a minimum for now b/c they will just look at them but a few that rattle and are easy to hold are good. A bouncer is good to, not the jumpy thing but for like $10 or $15 you can get a little hammock like thing that sometimes vibrates nad this is great for the baby to sit in and if they have reflux you can have them sleep in this.

    Oh about the bath tub, it will be akward at first no matter what you do but we found if we sat in the tub with the baby it was tons easier to wash them on our lap. You'll do fine whatever you do but keeping it simple nad cheap is always nice.

    Keep garage saleing and take whatever donations you can always pass along what you don't use.

    I can't think of anything else but you will do great and will have a ton of fun being a mom!

  2. Anonymous06:35

    I know a lot of people who don't use baby tubs. But we used ours until he was almost a year old. He loved to relax in the tub. Plus we got him to sleep through the night by feeding him in the tubby every night before bed. He he. Some critics might advise against this. But we do what ever we can to survive in this life. Amazing how I said that I wouldn't do so many things as a parent and now am eating all of those words. I am the worst hypocrite. But I love being a parent.
    - Melissa