Thursday, December 08, 2005

Doctor's Update

Well, Ian had a doctor's appointment today, his two-month check-up. The doctor called him "lean and long" (though I prefer "lean and mean"). He's 23.5" and 10lbs, 10oz. That's the 75th percentile in length and 25th weight :). He fits the standard Yorke profile. I honestly don't know what he's doing with it, but he doesn't seem to stop eating. Well, we're proud of the little guy.

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  1. Anonymous06:37

    What a remarkable and beautiful boy. We are all so proud of you both for your parental efforts so far. We were very impressed by how mutually supportive you were for each other over Thanksgiving. Ian is a blessed boy to have such attentive and devoted parents (both to him and to each other)