Wednesday, April 06, 2005

slightly rounded

It's crazy.

I wore a pair of pants two days ago and a skirt yesterday, both of which are probably the only items in my wardrobe that fit into my waistline. Well, my goodness, suddenly within the last three days my waistline began expanding out the front. I'm not gonna be able to wear those for a while. I've been keeping an eye out for forever for changes. It's like I'm a teenager... "hmmm what's changed this week". But no stomach rounding until now. It's cute. Now, it won't be noticible to the rest of the world for a while now, but it's nice to know things are going ok.

Dave is worried that I might get self-conscience. Nah. Just evidence that things are going well. We have that book "What to expect.." I look just like the picture for the end of 3 months. It's just amazing how suddenly it started.

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  1. Anonymous23:03

    How fun. It has begun. To bad yall can't come to Abilene for an peek at the little one sometime. The girls I work with have a weekly documentation of all their pregnancies. There are good things about being a sonographer. Fun to watch my own baby grow. So happy for ya'll. Dave, don't worry about the self-concience thing. It is enevitable. It however is the only time it is fun for women to watch their body stretch. It happens. Lot's of Vitamen E oil. Mel