Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Rearranging the House

Well, we have a three-bedroom house. The master bedroom is obviously spoken for. One room in the front of the house became the defacto storage room. Who has time to unpack? As for the other room, Cosmo (our ferret) has long since claimed it as his own. Obviously there was a need to make a few changes.

Cosmo doesn't do well locked in the cage all day. Currently, he mainly stays in the cage excepting for the few hours each day he's out playing with us. The trouble is, he's quite rambunctious during playtime because he's been cooped up all day. We had, at one point, implemented a failed plan to let him roam the house all day. For the most part it went well, except for the fact that he somehow forgot his potty-training. That was the end of that little experiment.

Upstairs we also have a common area that we've been using as our office. It's been highly under-used, mostly because we don't want to go upstairs. We decided to move one of the computers downstairs and combine the office with the library in what is meant to be the dining room. It's worked out great.

We decided Cosmo could have the common area as his play area. Of course, being a ferret, he like to dig and scratch. We feared this would mean disaster for the carpet in that area. Our best solution (without ripping out the carpet) was to lay Pergo-style glue-free flooring. In all, it took us about three half-Saturdays to get it in.

Tonight we moved Cosmo in. He seems to love it. He finally has his toys all in one place again. He spent all night running around the room, playing with his toys, and climbing through his tubes. He's a happy fellow.

We can now start the seemingly gigantic task of preparing the other two rooms as the nursery and guest room.

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