Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wow. Did you see that?

My goodness. In the course of 2 months, the little one has grown from a 2 mm yolk sac (see Valentine's photo), to a 4 mm embryo with a heartbeat just 4 days later, to a very active 2.2 cm embryo with a head, body, and limbs a month later, and now 2 months from Valentines (4-15-05) the little one is 8 cm has a head, developed arms, legs, spine, and hands (with all the fingers.) That's 40 times the original size in 2 months flat!!! My heck! She was kicking her little legs and sucking her thumb. I think it's amazing how all of those cells somehow know what organ to become. I realize it's biochemical, but that's really amazing.

Makes me realize why I've been so sick. It must take a lot of chemicals (hormones) to keep the whole process working right. All those hormones make me sick as a dog, but that's ok, I've lived quite a while and can take a little abuse. The baby on the other hand needs everything just right. It takes a lot of energy to keep everything going.

At our next 4-week checkup we should find out the gender. We should be able to see her inner organs and such as well. That'll be cool. I probably really will be showing by then.