Sunday, October 30, 2005

The torpedo fairy

Ok. So I'm home one, maybe two days from the hospital (It's all really a blur.) when I woke up in the morning with my first of several visits from the torpedo fairy. Suddenly my chest was composed of two, hard-as-rock torpedos. This was fine the first day, but by the second day they were insistent on unloading cargo at will. Ian was now 4 or 5 days old- still just figuring out this feeding thing. He didn't quite understand how all of this works. You see, he seemed to feel that each torpedo was a long lost trusted friend. When it was time to eat, he would stare at his old friend, pat it, and smile- aparently thankful to have such a good friend. The only problem with this was at the same time, the torpedo was insistent on unloading. The result was a huge mess!!! He also had problems deciding which of these two friends he wanted and would spend a good 5-10 minuites switching between each before the moon and the stars aligned correctly and he decided to eat. In the meantime, I was drenched.

To compound this problem. No one had told me how desperately I would need a nursing bra. I was soaked! It was quite embarrasing. I had nursing pads, but had NO IDEA that a nursing bra and nursing pads would become a constant part of my day and night wardrobe- and that even with them, I would get used to waking up drenched. (This must be what guys feel like when they first get nocturnal emissions, "What the heck?" Only this wasn't so enjoyable. ) I had these thin pads at first. They did not work. Nursing pads with plastic backing to protect your clothes are essential. Must be changed a good 4-5 times a day.

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  1. Yeah, the torpedos really are milk came in during the night and it was like all of a sudden I couldn't move and my arms didn't fit down the sides of my body. I nursed for a year and while it did get better with time it was not until about 4 months after birth. I swear Ty's ears were always full of milk, as well as his nose getting shot constantly. I really did make enough milk for the neighborhood and more than once I had to nurse my friends kid at church b/c I'd forgotten nursing pads and Tyler was refusing to eat. You'll get the hang of it...just keep a towel by the bed and keep that nursing bra on! Oh, if you haven't already figured it out baby spit up dries clear on denim so if the baby gets ya, just wipe it off and don't stress!