Friday, July 16, 2010


We saw Wicked last night. I love musicals. We've seen quite a few. I gotta be honest. I was excited about it, but a little afraid I would just fall asleep.

No way man!!! This thing was absolutely AmaZing!!!!
I had heard a lot about it. I knew the general story line. But to watch Elphaba (sp?) evolve right before your eyes. Wow!!! Her courage to stand up for what she believes and to become someone truly outstanding. Anytime in life someone stands up and does something revolutionary or truly important- they WILL face conflict. It gives me joy to see others become something other than mediocre. Even if, as in her case. She paid a dear price. What a beautiful musical!

I even stayed awake. :). Of course,the traffic was bad, so I hurled all over my dress on the way there. But.. Eh.. It washed off well. ;)

One wonderfully memorable date with my sweet heart!

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