Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Pregnancy is like a hurricane. The storm hits and incapacitates anything in it's path for 4-5 months. Then there's the calm (the eye). A few months of relative peace (2-3 months, 4 if I we're lucky). Take a deep breath, put your life back together, and prepare for the other side- A couple of months of building discomfort (the rains start to return). Followed by... Holy Hell!!! Am I ever going to survive this thing???? One serious pounding!!! (First few days/ weeks after the baby is born. Really the first month. ) Then months and months (6-8 months) of continual rain and rebuilding until that baby finally sleeps through the night and life starts to return to something closer to "normal". A new normal. But Ahh... The Joy!!! Not the hurricane, but the new life that storm brings with it!

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