Saturday, July 03, 2010

My cute little nesting family

Alright. I am clearly nesting. (As exhibited by my previous post.) My usual, neat, but relatively laid back cleaning self (I pride myself on being a "happy medium".), has disappeared and been replaced by a girl my mom would be OH so Proud of! I was asleep for 4 months. Now I have awakened only to realize... I've only got like 3 months until I am too uncomfortable to move. AND.... ****We've got a little baby girl coming!!! **** YAHOO!!!!!! We've seriously gotta make some space, get things cleaned up, and ready. If I sound minutely obsessive... I am... just a tad.

During my adventures up into the cave of doom (the attic), in addition to locating and irradicating Dave's 8.5 year old shrine to the God of empty boxes, I located: our car seats, baby swing, crib, nursing pillow, bottles, infant head positioners, etc. (Dave informs me that the above stated shrine was to the GodESS of empty boxes.) Anyway, Now, of course, every one of them MUST be washed/ scrubbed until it is squeeky clean and smells like a new baby :). No old food crumbs or attic insulation dust for my little baby!!! I spent a couple of hours today scrubbing the car seat and carrier down. I have to admit... there is something absolutely soothing to my soul in the task. Preparing for our new little baby Girl!

But Heck! If "I" am nesting. I've got nothing on Dave. I had a 5 day weekend this week. Dave -asked- if I wanted to go out of town, but the reality is... HE didn't want to go Anywhere! I came home Wed night. He had a fan half way installed in B's room. Yesterday, He came home from work like 4 hours early... just didn't want to be away from his family. Today, he INSISTS that we go to Sams. We didn't need ANYthing from Sams, but left the place stocked up until the new year with tons of commodities. Then we head to Walmart--- a $200 bill-- stocking up on everything possible. I said, "Wow. Our whole family is nesting." Dave denies it, but this guy is NESTING. It's cute!!! Makes me smile.

And to be truthful, So is B. My typically oh-so-adventurous kid, suddenly doesn't want to leave the house! He'll tolerate and enjoy one family outing on Saturday, and of course church on Sunday, but other than that-he will do anything in his power to talk us out of leaving for my entire Thursday-Sunday weekend. He knows that life is changing, and just wants to be at home in his own nest. He moved Seven's car seat up into his room today and insists that we set the baby's crib up in his room. That kid is making space in his life for that little baby. We were all laying in our bed this morning. B made sure there was plenty of room... for Mama, Papa, B, and Baby Seven. She got her own pillow.

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