Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stupid little fiends

So the little contractor rearranging everything in my abdomen has decided to move on to another project temporarily... Probably to torcher one of my other pregnant friends. Only one small problem... Those tiny hard had fiends left the place in complete disarray. My uterus is just hanging there, cock-eyed, held up by a couple of overstretched ligaments and a two-by-four. The ligaments trying to hold it to my sacrum/ lower back keep wondering how long they have to hold this huge heavy thing. Their over extended, overworked arms trembling with pain, "I don't know how long we can hold this guys."

Of course, everything else is just pissed off ... Doesn't like to be shoved around like that... my Sciatic nerve (huge nerve that connects everything) keeps wondering who in the hell keeps jerking on it. Heck, even my knee, shoulders, neck, and head have all joined in the screaming match. Like a middle school cat fight- everyone's gotta join the chaos.

So I've been to the chiropractor 3x in the past 9 days and had 2 pregnancy massages. All of which have helped to manage this thing. But Wow! Apparently even amazingly skilled chiropractors and Ginormous massage therapists (spending enormous amounts of time pounding the daylights out me to put everything back in place) are no match for those tiny, hard hat bastards. I'm sure I've taken 100 Tylenol in the past 2 weeks. Two at a time. (Sighs.)

SO excited about our little girl!!! She seems to the growing well. But I do wish for a more "normal" level of discomfort in bringing her into the world.

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