Friday, July 16, 2010


B's literacy is expanding exponentially. It's really amazing to watch. He's learning like 10-20 new words a day! It's amazing to me. Dave and I have spent years (since he was 1) laying the phonemic (sound awareness) foundation he needs for reading and writing little by little. But, it's like watching a miracle happen before my eyes. Like giving him crayons and teaching him how to use them, but suddenly he creates a stunning piece of art (just an analogy guys)...Suddenly, he's putting it all together. Several times a day, he reads a word I didn't know he knew. Or sounds out an unfamiliar word. 40-50 times a day he asks us to read to him words he doesn't know. He broke the code and now wants to read every single word or phrase he sees. It's just fascinating to me. I had no idea.

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