Sunday, September 07, 2008

Potty Training

Well. We've survived the first couple of weeks of potty training. Wow!!!!! There were a couple of days there when I thought I might croak over. So it took him 2 weeks to progress to 45 min. We were on 15 and then 30 min intervals for quite a while.

So week 2 of potty training, Dave went out of town in Atlanta, setting them up on his software. Ian has always been energetic. He got it from me. But recently, there has been quite a surge in those levels. WoooHooooooo! So on Thursday of week 2, Ian and his new found energy levels practically destroyed the entire house. I don't believe there was a toy in the house anywhere that he didn't play with in between his 30 min potty breaks. But he was doing great on his potty training. So Friday, I decided that I HAD to get him out of the house. So I took him to the children's museum. He had 3 accidents in the first 20 min. I thought I would die.... It was a loose,loose situation. Stay at home and watch your house fall apart or go and destroy all luck of ever potty training your kid. :) He's doing great now, but wow I was a little overwhelmed.

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