Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dave's birthday and his dreams

Dave just turned 29 today. Last weekend was Dave's birthday weekend. We don't have birthdays in our house, but birthday weekends. (As a direct result of poor birthdays as kids, I'm sure :) Anyway, we had a blast. We had left over Schlitterbaun tickets. Dave LOVES Schlitterbaun. We had an enjoyable and relaxing day. Nothing exciting, just a lot of fun!

So Dave has this dream of owning a company that flies helicopters when he "grows up", 20 or so years from now. He likes helicopters. He knows that most programmers get burnt out by about age 45-50, so why not go ahead and plan a second adventure. I think dreams are important and am completely supportive. So last year I got him Microsoft FlightNavigator for his birthday. He has really enjoyed it. This year I decided it was time for the real thing. I got him a helicopter flight for his birthday.

Ironically, on the way to Schlitterbaun, Dave brought up his helicopter dream again. I just smiled. (He had no idea what was ahead of him.) After Schitterbaun, I asked him if he knew. He still had no idea. He was thrilled when I told him. I don't know that I could have picked anything in the world that he would have been more excited about. It was awesome!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dave! I'm really glad you got to enjoy it. Its cool that you have a dream you're excited about. Reed's always wanted to set up a swing dance locator website thing and since we moved back to TX he's finally gotten to start creating the site. He's teaching a dance class this month at a local studio. Basically, he's taking small steps to create his site and a swing scene here in Amarillo. Keep planning Dave!