Friday, October 29, 2010

Relatively normal

So, for about the past almost 2 weeks, I have felt relatively normal. Ok, well not "normal", but what I assume is "normal for a woman who's 8 months pregnant". It's amazing.... I'm not in a walking coma, not puking, not a total insomniac, and not in so much pain that I can't function....This must be what "normal" pregnancy is like.

I remember when I was a kid, my P.E. teacher bringing in this medicine ball. It was about twice or three times the size of a basketball and Really heavy to kick or move around. Being 8 months pregnant is like carrying around a 25 lb, dense and amazingly muscularly firm, wiggly/ randomly lopsided medicine ball inside your abdominal cavity. Don't want to move too fast for fear that you'll knock the medicine ball out of it's careful symmetry. Or, heaven forbid, Cause harm. Couldn't move very fast anyway with this ginormous heavy weight. I find myself taking long, hot baths at the end of the day to relax the muscles that have been working so hard to balance this gargantuan weight and to bring circulation back into my feet.

But I must say, this really isn't too bad. I can deal with this level of discomfort. Especially when I know that we will be having a little girl coming soon. This must be what most women experience. No wonder they keep getting pregnant... If this is as bad as it gets for them.

It's been nice. I've had enough energy to get some nesting done.... Taking care of those tasks that are vital to having a stable place for our little girl in just a few weeks. I just feel so much better knowing that I've taken care of those things. I got her pack-n-play (bassinet) set up in our room, went through all of Ian's stuff for gender neutrals, handed down 8 boxes of Ian's clothes (ages B-3) to make room, made some drawer space in our room, got rid of several piles throughout the house, and made a little stack of B-3 month clothes for our little girl. I cleaned out the refrigerator. I'm sure I'll have a mad cleaning spree at some point, but no point right now... Too much time to get it dirty again. But I am grateful to have the energy to take care of my family!

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