Friday, October 29, 2010


Dave is self employed and I work part-time. We have medical insurance, but no plans are offered for those who are self employed cover maternity. Dave called our doctor and hospital before we got pregnant and it looked like the bill would be around $5K. WRONG. More like $12K! (That is a LOT of $... And There is a Big difference between $5k and $12K).

So, I've been working on it all year (when I was awake). Collecting the resources is like trying to fill a giant swimming pool with a fire hose sized siphon draining it at the same time. But, now it's time.... The "last" (yeah right) $7K is due in like 2 weeks when we register for the hospital.

I've been working with fervor to find and pool the resources...
Filing Dept care reimbursement account
Filing Medical reimbursement account
Resubmitting unpaid accident claim from last year
A couple of remaining pay checks
AFLAC and maternity disability forms (after the baby's born)

Whew! This is what it means to take care of a family.... Filling out lots of forms. A new kind of nesting.

I created this crazy spreadsheet yesterday of what's coming in and going out when. I'm grateful. Somehow, it's all gonna work out.

Of course, we still have another $10K liability by the end of the year. (Shakes her head and laughs). Somehow this is all gonna work out. Sometimes, you just take a big, deep breath and know that Heavenly Father is gonna take care of you.... He Always Has!

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