Sunday, October 31, 2010


For the record, I understand and absolutely respect the values of many of my peers who shy away from Halloween activities on Sunday.

But Dave was reading someone's blog this week. She said something interesting that may have just changed how I feel about the topic. She is a non-member who loves the gospel and is married to a member...

She said... Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me. Halloween is the one day a year when we have children, of all ages, knocking on our doors. She said, "What would Jesus Do?" He would welcome them. He would bring his very best candy, so that they would know and remember his home, and want to return.

I have a teenage LDS neighbor who hasn't knocked on my door in years. I miss her. I was delighted for her to knock on my door again. Imagine her surprise when she was greeted with a bowl full of the coolest (nostalgic packaging as if from the 30s) full sized candy bars. "Oh, Wow!!!," she said. "Here, you can have another one too. " ("She's my favorite." I told her friend. ) Any opportunity to let her know that she is both loved and welcomed in our home.

I haven't always been as welcoming as I should have been. But, I'm starting to think maybe the blogger was right... That is what Jesus would do. Never miss an opportunity to love.

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  1. That is a great thought. We just don't like the candy and scaring that goes on. The kids got enough candy at the ward party so we stayed inside today. But I like your bloggers philosophy.