Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm so on a maniacal cleaning spree. Cleaning, throwing out, or storing everything in sight. Including some things that I'm sure I've rarely touched in the past 6 years in our house. Friday, I plowed through like 5 different piles if stuff, scrubbed all the cabinet doors in the kitchen and the refrigerator, yesterday steam cleaned all the carpets (with Dave's help- Thank goodness), today scrubbed down the laundry room. B came by.... He says, "Mom, what are you doing?" Me: "Oh, just cleaning." B: "For Seven.?." Me: "Ya. Just gotta make sure everything is clean for the baby. I cleaned like this before you came too. Lots of preparations."

I just thought... What a wise little boy! He really gets it. I guess somehow, this whole nesting thing just makes sense to him.

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