Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our new living room

So Dave has now emerged into frantic nesting too. My version includes organizing everything in our house . Dave's includes trips to Sams and Costco, stocking up on anything we could need.

On Thursday, our nesting worlds collided. We had our last ultrasound.... Officially 1 week and 4 days before our Zoƫ is born. We went out to eat alone while we still had a chance. Then we went to Ikea... I needed some closet organizers (making room for our little girl). Dave was looking for a glider rocking chair.

We left the store with closet organizers, a couch & love seat (I love them!), and accessories. Our living room now looks quite lovely. All right, it wasn't THAT much of an impulse buy... We have both HATed those couches ever since I was dumb enough to accept them as a hand-me-down 6 years ago (they were already 7 years old at the time.) The couch had a Giant hole in it 12 inches and the springs were sticking straight up. Fortunately, it was hidden. None-the-less, not a safe place to lay an infant. It was time!

Not good timing with the mass quantities of funding disappearing from our coffers, but in spite of my typically too-cheap-to-spend-$-self, it just needed to happen. We actually looked for one in June, but I was too busy puking or comatose for us to be successful. And, somehow, it was the right thing to do in spite of the timing.

We got an inexpensive rug and a couple of matching throw pillows. And I Love It!!!! My living room now resembles me and what I like rather than whatever someone else gave me. Hallaleujah! I feel like I've been let out of unable-to-decorate-my-own-house prison.