Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So I went back to our old facility today. It was like watching a death and a rebirth in the same glance. Traces of TLC---our old name tags still lying around. Our clients, offices, and the professionals we were before.

Traces of the mold that destroyed everything--- EVERYTHING from the waist (tops of our desks)down. Sometimes from the shoulder down. Recalling the mold standing off of objects- as much as a foot of outgrowth. The memory of the mold saturated air. Mold saturated EVERYTHING. Our face masks couldn't possibly hold it back and still allow breath. Mold saturated lungs. Courage, love, hope, and flat denial- keeping it out of our hearts. We must have changed gloves 10 times a day, but still felt soaked. Hauling out load after load, day after day of absolute destruction. (and we were the lucky ones- our friends/ co-workers went home to more of the same)

And now, in this same place is opportunity- a new beginning. Or at least concrete floors and partially sheetrocked walls which represent it. Something new will form in it's place. Something we are responsible for creating. Upstairs in the rubbage, I found a sign left behind from some folks who we lost in the process, "Seize the Day!" I'm not sure why it is so poignant to me. But in some small way, it feels like a beacon call. A call to do just what we are doing... Move forward... Build something new and something great. But as for now, it almost seems mundane.

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