Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We have a couple of new SLPs at work. Fresh out of grad school. For the first year out of school, a therapist has to be observed for 20% of therapy time. I've been doing a lot of these observations. So I was watching one of our young therapists feed a client the other day. The client is at a point where we don't have to train him so much any more to make sure he uses his strategies so he doesn't aspirate. Instead, it's more relaxed therapy. Just watching him use the strategies he has already learned with a little cuing. Because my mind was relaxed from it's normal vigilant state, I was at leisure to just observe from this more distant vantage point.... I found myself quietly astounded at the inherent kindness in her actions- diligently feeding, observing carefully, feeling for and timing each swallow, reminding of strategies. Things we all do every day, yet our minds are usually so busy to even notice the kindness of the acts---of the profession.

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