Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ian's Birthday Week - Day 1

In our house, we typically celebrate birthday weekends. This year, it hasn't been so easy. Both April & I have Tuesday birthdays this year. Any day fits into our weekend fine except Monday and Tuesday. As I recall, Monday got skipped this time around due to leap day.

Ian's birthday weekend this year has given us some other problems. His birthday being tomorrow, this weekend would've been ideal. We didn't, however, want his party to conflict with General Conference, so we decided to hold it next weekend instead. But, his actual birthday is tomorrow. We certainly were not going to neglect that.

Normally, we would give him his present on his birthday, but tomorrow his Auntie is taking him to build a car. We wanted him to have time to play with it before going to bed. So, we decided to start his birthday week today. The added bonus is that he's got something to keep him occupied during conference. For some reason Thomas was more interesting than the general authorities. Apparently, at times, he was for us too :).

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