Saturday, October 04, 2008

Gratitude of a little boy

You know. Life with a 2.75 year old sure is a lot of fun!!! Challenging, because I truly can't get anything done, but fun. That little boy absolutely loves his little life. It's fun to watch him. The whole world is his to explore and he wants to explore it all right this minute. (Which for the record, produces quite a mess.) I think my favorite thing about him is his immense gratitude. He must say Thank you 40-50 times a day. It is seriously the best word I ever taught that kid. To be honest, I think it keeps me sane. He has acquired my childhood energy levels- so he wants to do everything. But he adores his mom so he wants me at his side for Every minute of Every adventure. He must make at least 200 or so requests a day. I think I would truly go insane with all of the demands if it weren't for this most sincere, joyous gratitude he exudes. He even defines what he is thankful for..... "Thank you for my momma-made (lemonade)." "Thank you for getting my raisin apples." Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, thank you little boy!!!! You couldn't possibly be more perfect.

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