Friday, May 18, 2007

Out and about

Our little one has reached toddlerhood in full bloom. He has an agenda of his own and that agenda involves Outside (or "side", as he calls it- his word for both outside and inside) and "car". It's really a lot of fun! Now days he doesn't nap until 1:30, so we have a pretty decent chunk of time to take him out and about. He loves to go to the zoo, the park, Space Center Houston, and The Downtown Aquarium, the library, yoga, the children's museum and anywhere else that involves "side" or "car" (but not too long in the car). We can't wait for the towne's pool to open in another week or so.

We have the greatest backyard ever! Ok, so it's really nothing fancy, just an old deck with a muddy patch along the fence. But our house is somewhat older (1985 ish). We have the most wonderful trees in our back yard. They lightly sprinkle shade across the yard, creating this breezy back yard haven. Their shade is perfect, so as to protect the grass from the fierce Texas sun, but not kill the grass due to lack of light. As a result the grass is full and green with only minimal effort. I have even ventured, ever-so-slightly into gardening, planting 6-7 potted plants worth of petunias and other inexpensive flowers (I figure, if I kill them, then at least I'm only down $20 total.) The weather has been perfect (for the most part) for a month or two now. I'm loving it. Ian loves to be out there and so do I!

I am an outside girl. I LIVE to be outside in nature. Dave, however, is much more of a home-body/ movie buff. However, Dave clearly realizes Ian's need to get out in nature, prompting Dave to take us all out for the fun. I've been dying to go out and pick fruit. (Any kind of fruit would do) for a while now, but have been waiting for the fruit harvest and our schedule to collide. The two finally decided to cooperate last weekend. We took Ian out strawbery and peach picking. We had the best time! Ian knew JUST what to do. The strawberry plants were just the right height for him to see under the plants and find all of the yummy strawberries. The lowest branches of the peach trees were the perfect height as well, just a little reach for him. He had a great time and so did we. My Dad and step-mom Linda met us out there. It was great to spend time with them. They seemed to really enjoy the picking and watching Ian run about.

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