Friday, May 18, 2007

My little bird

Every morning I wake up to the sweetest little bird in my baby monitor. First the I hear an almost imperceptible attempt at a whine. As if to say, "awe-no. It's morning, but I'm still tired." Then silence as the little one resumes his almost sleeping position (butt up in the air). Then another stir and whine, this time a little stronger a few minutes later, "But I don't wanta wake up". Then the tiny creature crosses over into a still reluctant, but more awake state, talking to himself, still laying there, enjoying his last moments of rest. Followed by a joyful oration celebrating each of his favorite words. "Papa, Mama, Cars, train, kix." or whatever words he's practicing that day.

I find myself laying in my own comfortable nest, echoing the exact same message. First, "Awe. no. It's morning, but I'm still tired. Maybe he'll sleep for a few more minutes. " Then, "Ahh. My little boy's waking up. But I don't want to wake up." Then, "Ahhh. He's singing again. I'd better get up." Then, "What a cute little boy." What's hard to explain is the almost chemical/ emotional reaction I feel in response to the little one's chirp. Many times, I'm still exhausted when I hear his call (and lots of times, Dave answers it for me), but what a joyful noise to wake up to each morning! How delightful to have such a wonderful little boy wandering about all over our home and our lives.

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  1. How cute is he!!
    By the way, thank you so much for coming out to my graduation. I meant a lot to me, and it was so fun to get to know Ian a little bit.