Thursday, April 06, 2006

Slobbery Smooches

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Ian will put ANYTHING in his mouth- including your face. (Nose, forehead, cheek bones, chin.) For the first few weeks, I wrote it off as just that - the "putting everything in your mouth" faze. A couple of weeks ago, however, Dave mentioned that he thought this was a kiss attempt. To be honest, I didn't believe him at first. But I'll be darned- It's true. You should see it. It's really cute. He'll be sitting on my lap, then suddenly lean over- suck on my cheek for 1.5 seconds and then move on with life- leaving my cheek quite slobbery and my heart smiling. As Dave put it. That kid gets lots and lots of kisses. It only makes sense that eventually he would immitate us.

You should see that baby boy's greetings! He must be bridging into object permanance. (Maybe he doesn't remember that you aren't there, but he know's something's missing.) The other day, I came in from work. And like so many days- His blue eyes just lit up and gave me the HUGEST smile. My heart lept for joy! As Dave puts it, it's like suddently he sees you and realizes that you are familiar. And he just lights up. He is elated! He produces a smile so big it takes up half his face. He yelps out the most excited cheer. You just can't help but hug him and cherish the moment. You just want to hold on for forever- while you still can.

My parents are on the other end of this Parenting thing- they are in the process of "emptying the nest" so to speak. That day seems so far away, and maybe I will feel differently when the day comes, but right now, that seems like the most miserable thing on earth.

I just feel like I need to treasure every moment, because one day he will grow up. And while, of course, that is and will be my wish. I think with every step there is just a little bit of grief for the time that has past so quickly and those joyous moments- those vibrant and colorful memories- that I fear might fade into the backdrop of my life.

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