Friday, April 07, 2006


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I love my TiVo. In today's world it just seems silly to think that my viewing should be dictated by a broadcast schedule. There's always something to watch, especially because it records suggestions based on my viewing habits.

One of the things I love about TiVo is its constant upgrading. Whenever there are new software updates, they're automatically sent to my TiVo. The other day I received another update. Included in this update is a new podcast program. It's great because I can listen to podcasts from the TV, which is often much more convenient than the computer. They even have a great directory to help you find podcasts. I didn't previously know it, but a lot of my favorite NPR shows have podcasts.

Podcasts have been around for quite some time now, but seeing a podcaster on TiVo has made me realize that they may be a lot more prevalent than I thought. As such, we've decided to add podcasting to

You can hear the audio files directly from our website, or point your favorite podgrabber (TiVo, iTunes, iPodder, &c.) to:

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