Saturday, May 08, 2010

Our little one

We love our OB. He is really wonderful! Probably our favorite thing about him is that he has the ultrasound equipment right in his office. And he USES it. So every 2-3 weeks we come back, get another ultrasound, and most literally can watch our baby grow in the womb. Our first visit, Seven was 1.8 mm (just a tiny embryo with a pulse that will later be a heart beat). The next visit, Seven was 17 mm (with a head and a spinal column, no limb buds yet).

So Thursday, we went in again, expecting to see limb buds added to our little embroyo. We were so surprised at how much he/she had developed. This 30mm (3cm) little one now had the neural tissue for a brain, a spine, a primitive heart, little arms, legs, feet, hands, umbilical cord, and even a functioning urinary system. Wow!!! There's a tiny baby in there! Wiggling his/ her little legs and arms and everything. Quite proud of the tiny one! And a momentary sigh of relief for us as parents.

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