Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let's Talk about This!

I've been puny lately, so B's been allowed to watch a bit more TV than usual. Today he'd already watched chipmunks (so I could get a nap.) He requested to watch another. I told him, "Sorry son, I think you've watched too much TV today. Too much TV's not good for you." What ensued was a Class A meltdown. Straight from the books of myself as a little girl---- including the absolute determination to scream until his request was accomplished. When a simple explnation was unsucessful, I opted to remove the audience (myself) and went about my business of making dinner. Ian cried for quite some time in an attempt to get me to change my mind (almost never happens). A few min later, Ian walks in, Giant tears in his eyes and pleads resolutely, "MOM, WE Need To Talk About This!!!!!!!".

Cute kid. I was So proud of him! Good boy! Dave (super hero dad of the century) always teaches him that strategy, but I was genuinely impressed with his ability to calm himself down and apply it! Cute kid.

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