Sunday, April 19, 2009

My little bird

It's interesting the almost physiological response I feel to my son's voice. It's like my ears are sensitively tuned to the slightest peep from my little bird. He's not even tiny anymore, but the response is still the same. I'm sure it's nature's way of ensuring that mothers stay close.... Some kind of biochemical change that makes it practically impossible not to respond. And being near him is like sitting next to 3 year old/can't sit still to save his life ROYALTY. I find myself simply smiling. Not some big huge smile (unless I'm making goofy faces at the kid), but a simple quiet smile. Peace and joy diffusing from everywhere inside- where the soul and essential biochemistry meet. A familiar face. I remember that smile. "You're my pride and joy" she said. And inside my pixy-like 6,7,8 year old body...I knew. I was nothing less than adored.

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  1. That is one thing I didn't understand til I had my kids. Its amazing how tuned to it I am. We were in the chapel at church once and I heard a kid screaming and knew it was Tyler. We hunted all over the building to find it. Turns out it was him and he was diagonally on the other side of the building. As far as he could be. He'd had a panic attack of sorts in primary, this was right after we moved. Anyway yeah, you know their cry and their voice. Its amazing.