Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two- In all its glory!

You know. Ian is amazing. He really is just a delightful little munchkin. He is 2 (and 4 months). And with the age comes a vocabulary that is pack full of "my", "mine", and "no." He even says "no" to things that he wants. He truly is TWO in all it's glory! Thank goodness- he balances out the "my" and "no"s with a sincere, overwhelming gratitude. You need to know, that Please was literally the first word we taught him, but I had NO idea at the time, how valuable the word would be. People adore the kid- even with the "my/no"s because he is just happy and grateful. Almost as frequently as he says the above stated indicators of age, he produces, "Please" and the brightest, warmest most grateful "Thank you". He also has a nice, sincere "Sorry" when necessary. As a two year old, he's just learning the nicest way to say/do things. But he certainly knows how to show others love and gratitude. I am grateful. It sure makes the two year old developmental characteristics more palatable.

He is doing all he can to assert his independence while still keep his mama close at hand. Yesterday we took him to Battleship Texas. We wanted him to get on the boat- so he wanted to get off. Later, we wanted him to get off the boat- so he wanted to stay on. I LOVE IT! I get it man. :) You see, what he doesn't know is that his mama is just as determined/independent/ rebellious as him. When I watch him assert his independence, I just smile (and of course, re-direct him back). When I look back at my life, I realize that it is that fiercely independent streak that helped me to survive and to stand up and do what was right for me no matter what. (To this day, my father still spites me for that characteristic ;) When I see it in Ian, I just smile. I'm glad to know my kid's got a little "umph" to him. That "umph" will help that kid through a lot of disappointment in life. We all have to face our share of it. I'd rather my kid press forward through it and find solutions when things are tough. It's truly beautiful to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in charge, but I don't mind the temporary difference of opinion.

They always tell you how tough it is to have a 2 year old. It's got its challenges, but I love it! I can't imagine that little boy being any more wonderful or fun!

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