Friday, June 29, 2007


Well. I feel like I'm becoming a part of technological history. I am officially the 11th person in the iPhone line. I hate to say it, but it's kinda fun. Dave's been here since 8am. It's now 11:30. I figured he needed a break so I came to relieve him. He's been excited about this since the day they announced the thing (literally- he kept me up for forever to watch the video.) He's so excited. It's like Christmas. Only better for him.

For the record, the ONLY reason that Dave is getting one is because he programs for PDAs for his job. He writes this scheduling software, it sends techs out in the field their schedule and allows them to complete their transactions (like the UPS guys, only it does a LOT more), then it syncs with QuickBooks. Anyway, It's his job to be an innovator. Already 6 months ago, people were asking if he could program for the iPhone. They will be asking for it within no time, so Dave's gotta get it and get going.

But, I dunno. I'm certainly not a techno-geek (just a speech geek), but it is fun to be part of history.

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