Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Magic

You know, when I look at my little boy. I can't help, but realize how Christmas and everything else in his world is magic to him. I remember as a little one. It was all magic!

Parents were magical. In my mind, they were perfect. Maybe I didn't understand everything they did, and I certainly protested when I didn't agree, but deep inside I truly believed that they were always right. I had no idea that 1/2 of the rules they imposed were completely and totally arbitrary. Nor did I have any idea about how much effort they had to put in simply to make our home, clothes, and food exist. These things just existed- or didn't exist. Poof. It appeared. As child, our home, clothes, food, etc were simply there. Cognitively, there was no connection between their existance and anything else. In this way, our home was magic, my school was magic, my teachers were magic, my parents were magic. My teachers simply were there at church. (They didn't have to work all week, take care of their homes and families, somehow squeeze in time to prepare for their lessons, then get themselves and their families ready for church, drive to church, and then come to teach me. Nope. They just poof appeared and taught a lesson.)

And Christmas. Wow! You just couldn't get more magical than that! You walk down stairs Christmas morning and Woah.... Thousands of lights (or so it appears) glisten before your eyes. A whole room full of presents arrive for you to enjoy. WOW!!!

Now, as an adult, gifts no longer magically appear. We work really hard to acquire them for our loved ones. Magic is replaced with dedication and sincere love. I think this is what our little munchkins are all about. To remind us to enjoy the magic! To remind us, that we, too, are little children. And this whole mysic universe is a gift. A gift from a loving Heavenly Father. Sure, It will be a long time from now before we understand the effort he put into all of it. But for now, I think he would appreciate it if we would just stop skurrying about, breathe in and out, and thank our Father for those lungs, and this world, and WOW! How did he do all of this! What an amazing Christmas present! It's magic to me.

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  1. Anonymous09:49

    You're totally right. Reed's finally done with school and we finally have "real" insurance and such and it is amazing how much we take for granted as kids. We have no idea, and don't need to know at that time in our lives, how much work our parents do to make life possible! Its pretty cool though to be able to watch our children have that perspective and see the magic of the world around them.