Sunday, July 30, 2006


To quote an old song, "He's got personality." And boy does he. Ian is quite a little explorer. He loves to see and learn about everything. We thoroughly enjoy watching him just be himself. Earlier I pulled out an old plastic ice cream bucket. He must have played with that thing for like 30 minuites- listening to his own echo.

In psychology, they talk about the "goodness of fit" between a parent and their child- how well the parent's personalities fit with their child's. I feel pretty grateful for a kid who fits us and vice versa. I look at some parents I know- they really truly want their child to "just sit there and behave". (Which is just fine- for the record.) Those parents would never appreciate our curious, adventurous, stair climbing, everything-on-earth climbing, speed of light moving, talkative, perfect little boy. But those are the very characteristics that make us enjoy him so much. We think those kids who just sit there are boring and are glad they get to be with their own parents-because they are a good fit. Thank goodness.


  1. Anonymous05:57

    You know it drives me crazy when people expect me to apologize for something that I feel is completely normal and wonderful about my child. So I don't bring him around those people. Plus all his running is great exercise for old Mom and Dad.

  2. I know "personality" is an old post, I've not remembered to check your blog for a while... But it is refreshing to see someone with a similar perspective on children. My oldest has always been active, curious and learning about how things work. I can pull my hair out as he figures out a new way to get into things or as I've learned I can sit back and marvel at what he's doing. Enjoy it!