Sunday, January 01, 2006

My new smile

Ian started "working on his smile" right before Thanksgiving. It was really cute, he would open his mouth wide with his lips minutely puckered- then pull them back into a smile. He would do this over and over. Those pictures of his smile at Thanksgiving are some of his earliest ones. Well, he has gotten pretty good at that smile. Sometimes he gets it confused with sticking his tongue out- Dave always sticks his tongue out at Ian. Ian imitates him. Then Dave smiles. Because the smile always followed- Ian got the two confused for a few weeks. It was quite cute!

Well. Within the past few days, Ian has started something new- he smiles AT you. He will be looking around, notice me or Dave, make eye contact, and produce the biggest, brightest smile. If we weren't already in love with the kid- that would surely seal our fate.

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